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10 MORE Chrome Extensions Every Teacher Needs

10 MORE Chrome Extensions Every Teacher Needs

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

Chrome extensions expand your abilities within the Chrome web browser. Use the following ten, all of which are packed with valuable features for teachers who need to be more efficient, organized and productive.

More: 10 Game-Changing Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons for Teachers URL Shortener 

What it is: A simple tool that’s used to shorten any URL, making any doc look less messy. 

How to use it: Shorten links in digital rubrics and directions for students.

Note Anywhere

What it is: Allows you to add digital sticky notes to any webpage. When you revisit that webpage, your sticky note will appear.

How to use it: Add planning notes when you come across resources for later or add notes to articles that will be assigned to students or read in class.

Google Tone

What it is: A fast and wireless way to share URLs (blog posts, pod casts, YouTube videos—any URL) with any other nearby computer with the extension installed.

How to use it: Share resources with your students mid-lesson; perfect for 1:1 classrooms.

Stay Focused

What it is: A personalized extension that limits your time on websites that you specify, based on limits you choose, reducing the amount of time you waste while trying to work.

How to use it: Perfect for lesson planning.

Speak It

What it is: After highlighting the section you want to read, this chrome extension speaks it for you.

How to use it: When reading long pieces of text while lesson planning or days you’d just rather be read to.


What it is: This bookmarking tool makes it easy to add and organize pages you want to save based on category.

How to use it: Keep all your teaching resources organized by subject, year, class and more. Extension

What it is: allows you to keep your to-do list in your browser at all times. Since it’s also an app, the list is synced across all your devices, so it’s always up to date.

How to use it: Stay on track while lesson planning or as a checklist for students in a 1:1 classroom, helping them stay focused on what needs to get done.


What it is: Use this extension as your sidekick for all reading done online, whether it’s a student blog post or an article you found.

How to use it: Disable all surrounding web page noise with the “read now” feature, send the article to your Kindle and save content and organize content.

Awesome Screenshot

What it is: An easy way to capture any image, text or otherwise on a webpage, and then add annotations or comments and blur sensitive data.

How to use it: When collecting resources for students or lesson planning; the annotation feature allows you to capture your thoughts right then, so you can do the rest later.


What it is: TLDR stands for “too long, didn’t read”—the story of your life, right? Use this extension to get a summary of any web article, without leaving the site.

How to use it: When you only have a small amount of time to run through resources or articles you’re not sure you want to read.

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10 MORE Chrome Extensions for Every Teacher

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  1. Jenn Judkins

    July 25, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    Readers may want to avoid TLDR Chrome Extension it since has not been working for quite some time. Too bad, because it was a great tool but as you can see from feedback on Chrome Webstore reviews, it’s been unusable since back in Feb.

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