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10 Must-Follow Social Media Accounts for Teachers

10 Must-Follow Social Media Accounts for Teachers

By Jessica Sanders

Social media is a seemingly infinite library of content, where you can find teaching ideas, edtech tips, and #teacherhumor memes everywhere you look. Over the years, the most popular social media platforms have become crowded, and some of the best sharers get lost in the clutter.

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These 10 education-focused accounts, ranging from Twitter to Instagram, may be hiding from your newsfeed right now, but that will change sooner than later.


You’re on Facebook, I’m on Facebook—who isn’t? Follow a few of the best accounts to get a steady stream of teaching tips and classroom ideas right in your newsfeed.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

“Change the world by being yourself,” is what the cover photo of this inspiring Facebook account reads. Follow this page to find real-life examples inspiration and acceptance, both of which are great additions to any lesson.

Free Technology for Teachers

Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, this is an account you can’t afford to miss. Every day you’ll find tech hacks, tool reviews and new apps, all of which will make your job as a teacher easier and more effective.


As a text-based social media platform, Twitter is the perfect place to go for real-time updates in education. Look for news, articles and innovative new ideas from people who are changing the face of academia for the better.

Education World: @Education_World

Education news, technology blog posts, and academic study summaries are just a few reasons to follow this Twitter account. Insider tip: don’t miss their weekly deals and freebies tweet, you can find some good stuff in this popular weekly roundup.

Vicki Davis: @CoolCatTeacher

Vicki Davis is one Twitter account you don’t want to be caught not following. She writes for a variety of publications, and you can find all of her insightful and informative blog posts shared on Twitter. Mixed in with this are can’t-miss articles from some of the largest education publications online.

Learn2Earn: @learn2earn

If you love EdTech, or want to know more about it, follow this account. You’ll find articles from big hitters like HuffPost Education and smaller teacher-focused publications like their own blog. Most of the content shared is written by teachers, librarians and technology specialists, making it all the more valuable. (Their cute owls are just a bonus!) 


Pinterest is addicting, especially when you follow these pin-worthy accounts.

Brittany Washburn

Head to this science and technology teacher’s Pinterest page for just about any teacher need, from cute outfit ideas to classroom themes. Don’t miss her “To Try in 2015” if you’re looking to implement new technology and tactics in your classroom this year.

Suzy Brooks

This veteran teacher (10 years in the classroom) is sharing all the information you want access to, from reading instruction tips to ideas on how you can implement BYOD in your classroom. With 50 boards, she’s left no stone unturned, which makes this account a great resource for every teacher.


Are you one of the #teachersofinstagram posting awesome content every day? Well, you’re not alone; these Instagram users are posting plenty of daily inspiration, tips and humor too. 

Teaching Humor: @TeachingHumor

This account, run by a 5th grade teacher, is spot on. Sharing photos from the trenches of the classroom, you’ll get a chuckle out of almost everything shared form this account.

What the Teacher Wants: @WhattheTeacherWants

Who knows what you want more than another teacher? What’s more, this account, and its accompanying blog, is run by not just one, but two teachers who are very in tune with what you need, whether it’s inspiration on a Monday morning or new reading instruction templates.

One Fab Teacher: @Onefab_teacher

Miss May, a 1st grade teacher in Houston, Texas, was the 2012-2013 teacher of the year and the fabulous person behind this Instagram account. Follow her and you’ll be continually inspired—nearly every day she posts a quote about how much YOU rock and some of her favorite hashtags prove that. Her more popular ones inlcude #beamazing, #yourock and #keepingitreal.

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