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10 Thoughts Every Teacher Has While Grading

10 Thoughts Every Teacher Has While Grading

By Jessica Sanders

Grading—it’s a necessary evil. There’s no getting away from it, so let’s just embrace it and laugh it off.


Or so, that’s always the plan.

in one night

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Thoughts you have while grading at 11 p.m.

bad teacher bad grade

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Talking to yourself after a few glasses of wine.

give and take

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Enough said.


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as for everyone

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How can they not understand that it’s THAT simple?

beyonce name on it

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Nothing worse than having to grade MORE papers the next night.


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When you’re so tired from grading that you just start making things up.


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It all makes so much sense now.

kills brain cells

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No, it never gets easier.

grammar mistakes

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