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10 Tools for Essay Writing to Share With Your Students

10 Tools for Essay Writing to Share With Your Students

By Robert Morris

reading too much? Whooos ReadingAmong the responsibilities that today’s educators have, teaching essay writing is the most challenging one. Some teachers leave essay writing to natural talent; explain the process in simple steps, assign the topics, and give a deadline.

Other teachers aim to inspire students to write their best. You can do that, without carving time out of your lesson plan, with these essay-writing resources. Suggest them to students to make your job easier and their writing better!

This website is the gathering point for authors with different interests, at all skill levels. The resources provided by this community can serve as inspiration for your classes. If you want to get directly to the tips that will help you inspire better student writing, explore the sections Writing Classes and Writing Prompts.


Find resources that will help you improve the listening, writing, vocabulary, grammar and reading skills of your students with this website. The featured categories include business English exercises, general English exercises, vocabulary building exercises, and more.

Ninja Essays

This custom online writing service is useful for educators who want to show their students what a successful essay looks like, but don’t have time to write an example themselves. Have professional writers create the content, so you can show how a properly written and referenced essay looks like.

How to Write an Essay

This essay-writing guide covers all steps of the process in details. Thanks to these tips, your students will learn and remember how to conduct a proper research, compile notes, plan the paper, write the content, and revise their draft before the submission.

Whooo’s Reading

Students can practice their essay writing skills, while getting excited about reading when you bring Whooo’s Reading into the classroom. The newest feature, allowing students to write “blog posts,” gives them the opportunity to work on their long form writing. Students are prompted by a CCSS-aligned questions, and teachers give a score to assess the student’s writing and reading comprehension.

Library Spot

This is the place where your students can find reliable information to support their arguments. Suggest that they use this website to find reputable online resources.

Grammar NOW!

When your students are not certain about a particular grammar, editing, composition, or proofreading issue, they can ask a question at this website and get a free answer. In addition, they can subscribe to the weekly grammar tips and continuously work on their writing skills.

The Grammar Gorillas

What’s the best way to make grammar interesting for young students? Allow them to play a useful game! You can choose the beginner (nouns and verbs) or advanced version of the game, which includes all parts of speech. Every time the player chooses the right word, the gorilla gets a banana.

Six Great Ways to Search the Web

The Internet can be a valuable source of materials when your students know how to use it properly. This guide will teach them how to locate authoritative resources for their papers through search engines, subject directories, social networking, searchable databases, real-time search and social bookmarking.


This useful vocabulary-building software will help your students build the foundation for academic writing. Each word is paired with the pronunciation, phonetic symbol, and meaning. In addition, Vicaboly provides sample sentences to illustrate the usage of the specific word.

The Easy Essay

This is an automated, information-organizing program that helps users during their essay planning process. The tool is suitable for primary, secondary, advanced and special needs students.

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