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10 Virtual Field Trips to Explore the World

10 Virtual Field Trips to Explore the World

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

boring reading toolCelebrate the world, experiencing famous cities and unforgettable scenery, without ever stepping foot outside of your classroom.

Take a walk through the ruins of Pompeii or head to the top of the Tokyo Tower—whatever you do, don’t forget to take in the view.


Pick a city, any city—and visit it! This website hosts a large database of 360-degree views of cities big and small all around the world. The best part: You get the best views; most photos are taken from high points around the city, allowing you to see it sprawling all around you.

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2. Polar Husky 

Visit this website to get a glimpse into the frigid and exciting world of dog sledding. You can choose to explore and learn more about a variety of different trips, in different parts of the world. Use this as a jumping off point to discuss climate, geography and more.

3. AirPano

Use 360-degree images to take students on a virtual field trip of places like Turkey, Norway, and Russia. Make it even more exciting with their 360-degree videos, where students can experience Polar Lights in Iceland or Bears splashing in the waters of the Kambalnaya River.

4. Jason Learning

Another way to explore the world is to see the many ways in which people are making a difference in it. Jason Learning connects your classroom with inspiring STEM professionals. According to their website, “Our role models put a human face on STEM careers, and show how STEM fundamentals [that] students learn about in class are applied in real world situations.” 

5. Arounder

Use this website to explore popular locations and tourist destinations all over the world and in space. Students can get 360-degree views of the moon and Mars or head to Easter Island and Paris.



This is another panoramic site that gives 360-degree access into museums, nature, and more. Check out the Opuwo Country Lodge in Namibia and talk about what you would do if you found yourself spending time in this gorgeous location.

7. FillScreen360

Allow your students to experience some of the most amazing locations around the world. Choose a location, from Hong Kong to the top of Mt. Rainier, and have your students do free writing, inspired by the view. Discuss what it would feel like to be there, to smell the air and feel the breeze.

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8. Ruins of Pompeii Via Google Maps

Google Maps can take you and your students anywhere in the world, including back in time—kind of. Walk through the ruins of Pompeii on a sunny day to make your Roman lesson a lot more exciting.

9. Louvre

Few students will ever be able to see The Louvre. Give them a tour of one of the most well known museums in the world with virtual tours, from The Louvre’s website. Choose from three different exhibits.


Give students a glimpse of Germany with this awesome webcam website. Cams are placed all throughout the country, allowing you and your students to experience the geography, architecture and more, nearly first hand, at any time of day.

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10 Virtual Field Trips to Explore the World

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