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10 Ways to Save Time Grading With Google

10 Ways to Save Time Grading With Google

By Lynn Erickson

We all know that time is of the essence in the teaching world. In many instances, we spend quite a bit of our time grading student work. With many online tools at our fingertips, grading student work doesn’t have to be as time consuming as it was in the past. Below are some ways you can save time grading with the G Suite for Education.

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Shared Docs for Writing Assignments

Use a shared Google Doc for student writing assignments to provide quick feedback and help guide them during the process. Open the Comments thread and add feedback without making changes in their actual document. In Google Classroom, you can go into unfinished student docs and provide feedback much like you would on a rough draft.

Form Template Check List

In Google Forms, create a Google Form Template with student names along with a check list of skills, homework points, etc. Carry a device with the form pulled up as you walk around the room taking grading notes.

Assess Discussion Online

In Google Classroom, you can now create exit tickets and bell ringer activities using the new question-driven discussion feature. Post a question here so students can add their replies. You choose whether students can see each other’s replies or not; either way, grading discussion participation becomes much easier.

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Export Google Classroom Grades into Google Sheets

In Google Classroom, you can export grades to a .csv file or into Google Sheets. The Sheets template provides a class average along with an average per student. Additionally in Google Classroom, you can use the up and down arrows to move directly from one grading box to another, which allows for fast grading from student to student.

Set Shorthand for Fast Grading

Use symbols or abbreviations when grading your students’ papers. When set correctly, docs will change them to whatever you set in the preferences. For example if I type “wc” Google Docs will insert the following: [note: poor word choice, or no such word].

Pair Comments With YouTube Link to Explain Concepts

Eliminate the need for long explanations by providing students with a video tutorial of a concept they didn’t quite grasp while grading. Simply pair your comment with a link to a Youtube, Khan Academy, WatchKnowLearn, or other educational video. This will provide students with another resource to improve their work while also helping them fill in knowledge gaps.

Streamline Class Wide Grading With Doctopus

Use the Doctopus Add-On in Google Sheets. Doctopus is a teacher-built tool that allows for managing, organizing, and assessing student projects in Google Drive. With Doctopus, you begin with a starter template that can be mass copied and shared. Use the same template to monitor student progress and manage grading as well.

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Auto-Score With Goobric Rubric

Pair Goobric with Doctopus for a powerful grading combination. Goobric is a Chrome Extension that allows teachers to automatically score student work with a rubric. Pair it with Doctopus so that every time a rubric is filled out, the information is automatically passed back to the Doctopus spreadsheet.

Auto-Score Multiple Choice With Flubaroo

Grade multiple choice or fill-in-the blank assessments with Flubaroo. In Google Forms, create your assessment or assignment. Add questions for your assessment and be sure to include a question that allows you to identify the student. After the assessment is complete, open the form as a student would and complete the assessment to create the answer key.

When students have finished, open the spreadsheet that gathered their data and use the Flubaroo add-on to grade each student. Flubaroo can compute average scores per question and flag low-scoring questions. It also provides the option to email each student their grade along with an answer key.

Use Google-Integrated Assessment Tools

Use other assessment tools that import Google Classroom rosters into it. EdPuzzle is a site that teachers can use with video sites such as You Tube, Khan Academy, and many others. With it, you select a video and customize it by editing, cropping, recording audio, and adding questions to make an engaging presentation or lesson.

With a few clicks you can assign the video to specific classes, decide if you want to allow students to skip questions, and set a due date. Students join with a class code to complete their assignment. Student progression of work can be checked through the site. You can see whether or not students have watched the video, their grade, and whether you have open response questions to mark as correct or incorrect.

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10 Ways to Save Time Grading With Google

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