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12 Free Documentaries to Boost Engagement

12 Free Documentaries to Boost Engagement

By the Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

Give students perspective and bring lessons to life with documentaries that feature the real world we all live in today. Ask questions at the beginning, middle and end to encourage and gauge engagement.

How Many People Can Live on Earth

Give your students a chance to answer this question on their own and then watch the documentary. Narrated by David Attenborough—students will be hooked from the opening credits.

The True Story of the Internet

Your netizens know a lot about the Internet and technology, but I’m sure they don’t know how it all started.

WWII From Space

Students will never learn about World War II like this ever again—and they’ll never forget it either.

The Life of a Young Entrepreneur

More and more young kids are become entrepreneurs before they leave high school. Inspire your students to take their passion to the next level with this 2014 documentary.

What Are Dreams

This Nova documentary shares the science behind something we all do: dream. Students will learn about why dreaming is important and what it means for the way we think and tackle problems.

Ants: Nature’s Secret Power

Students will be wiggling in their seats during the many close-up shots of ants crawling around. They’ll also learn a lot about this well-known insect.

Lord of the Rings: Beyond the Movie

Students will discover facts behind the fiction of the popular book and movie series Lord of the Rings.

Mt. Everest: How It Was Made

Created by the Discovery and Documentary Channel, students will learn how towering Mt. Everest came to being. Perfect for your first geology lesson.

Us Now

This film is from seven years ago, but touches on something you discuss a lot in your tech-based classroom: collaboration and how technology has made this more possible than ever before.

The Deepest Place on Earth

Students will be wowed as cameras dive deep into the Pacific Ocean to learn more about the Mariana Trench. They’ll get a kick out of the “old-school” (black and white) videos too.

How Smart Can We Get

This PBS documentary is an interesting one, featuring a variety of characters who are masters at music, memory and much more. How smart do your students think they can be? And what does that mean to them?

Hackers, Outlaws and Angels

Preempt your digital citizen lesson with this documentary. When students know how and why hackers do what they do, they’re better equipped to protect themselves in our online world.

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12 FREE Documentaries That Boost Engagement

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