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13 New EdTech Tools to Boost Engagement 2016

13 New EdTech Tools to Boost Engagement 2016

By Learn2Earn Blog Team

When students are engaged in learning, they experience increased attention and focus, are more motivated to practice higher-level thinking skills, and have meaningful learning experiences.

Luckily, technology makes it easier than ever to engage your students. Make 2016 the year you master the art of creating an engaging learning environment. These 13 tools are sure to help you do just that, whether students are reviewing for an exam or logging their reading online.


If you’re in a BYOD classroom, this app is a must-have. Mentimeter allows for real-time polling in the classroom, which can be used to measure understanding during and presentations. This makes your lessons more engaging and gives you important feedback you might not otherwise get.


Turn classwork and homework into a personalized educational game with Quizalize. With team view, students can group together and see who’s winning and your live dashboard shows you who’s doing well and who’s falling behind.


Video is a great way to engage your students, and now you can use Zaption to make sure students comprehend the content they’re watching. Simply choose your video, add images and text—think multiple-choice questions—and then share with your students. This is perfect for a flipped classroom.

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iLearn Series from Jumper Mobile

Make geography more engaging with this series of apps from Jumper Mobile. Their suite includes interactive maps for the U.S., Continents and Oceans and more. Students tap on the map to get information about the location and can play timed games and take quizzes to test their knowledge.

Whooo’s Reading

Use Whooo’s Reading to motivate students to read more without spending any extra time hounding them about it. This interactive online reading log awards students with Wisdom Coins for logging reading, answering comprehension questions, and commenting on their peers’ responses.

Stack the States

Gamification is the perfect way to engage students, and the Stack the States app brings that technique to learning about U.S. states. Students answer questions and must identify the correct state to earn points and level up.

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Empower your students to document their learning journey with Seesaw, a digital portfolio of student work. Students can take pictures of their physical work or import digital projects. Teachers can invite parents and family members to see student work as well.


“A library at your child’s fingertips!” is the slogan for Epic!, an online catalogue of more than 10,000 books for kids ages 12 and under. Students can listen to audio books or read the free version and get personalized recommendations based on interest and reading level.


Get your students hooked on reading with this awesome reading community just for kids. When students log reading, they enter for a chance to win new prizes every week. They can also share and get recommendations from other students, while you manage and monitor their lists and reading challenges.


Your favorite method for making lists has gone digital. Post-It now offers an online version of their cornerstone product, and it can be hugely valuable in the classroom. Use this, instead of writing on the white board, to engage students in a brainstorming session, or allow them to use it when brainstorming in small groups.


Make quiz reviews more fun and interactive with FlipQuiz. Simply create your quiz “board,” which is saved for re-use, using custom categories and flip cards, and then display at the front of the classroom for students to play.

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Make group-work more effective with Wiggio, a simple web-based tool. You can create a group for your entire classroom, or separate smaller groups of students. Within each group you can set reminders, share to-do lists, upload files and create polls.

Scripto Pro

Make class more exciting with Scripto Pro, which can be used to create quizzes, surveys, polls, certificates, digital flash cards and much more. It also makes your life easier, providing you with a singular place to organize digital content, access student data, and manage your class.

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