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15 Essential Poetry-Writing Apps for the Classroom

15 Essential Poetry-Writing Apps for the Classroom

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

Help students tap into their most creative poetry abilities with these fun poetry-writing apps, perfect for poets of all ages. The following apps will inspire great ideas, allow students to save their work, help them find the perfect wording and much more.

1. Poetry from The Poetry Foundation

Need to know: Students can use this simple app to get inspiration from traditional and contemporary poets.


Need to know: Use these quotes as a poetry writing prompt or starter.

3. Writing Prompts 

Need to know: Students can access many types of prompts, including headlines, sketches, and scenes—they are given a place, character, object and mood.

4. Rhyme Now

Need to know: Students can find words that rhyme by choosing syllable and frequency or “sounds like” and “starts with.”

5. Chronicle – Journal and Writing Notebooks

Need to know: This no-frills app lets students keep track of their poems throughout the school year—no distracting features.

6. Instant Poetry 2

Need to know: Refrigerator poetry—tiles with words—in app. Students will love this!

7. InstaQuote

Need to know: Students can turn favorite lines from their poems and turn them into Instagram-worthy images.

8. Haiku Poem

Need to know: This app helps students set up their haiku correctly, with a space for the title and three poem lines. Each line shows how many syllables the current text has out of the total syllables necessary.

9. PicCollage

Need to know: Erin, of Erintegration, suggests using this as a way for students to create visually-appealing acrostic poems.

10. Kids Recorder

Need to know: Students can perfect inflection and voice by recording their poems.

11. Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Need to know: Students can listen to famous Shakespearean lines before writing their own sonnet.

12. Word Mover 

Need to know: Students can create poetry from existing written works, such as the I Have a Dream speech.

13. Visual Poetry

Need to know: Students can create word collages to depict an important element in the poem their wrote.

14. Verses Notebook

Need to know: The built-in rhyming dictionary helps students find rhymes as they’re writing.

15. Haiku Jam

Need to know: Students can connect through the app and write a Haiku together.

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15 Essential Poetry-Writing Apps for the Classroom

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