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15 Ideas to Google-Fy Student Projects

15 Ideas to Google-Fy Student Projects

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

Google is a valuable tool for the classroom, allowing students to learn digital skills while engaging with exciting tasks and projects. Use these ideas to enhance offline projects or as projects on their own—in either case, students will have fun flexing their creative muscles with technology.

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Google Slides Student Project Ideas

1. Vision Board
Create vision boards to prep for a project—or as the project itself.
Get the project: Shake Up Learning

2. Jeopardy Review Game
Create a review Jeopardy game—you or your students.
Get the project: Whooo’s Reading

3. Digital/Ebook
Make a digital book (ebook) and then “publish” and promote on a classroom blog.
Get the project: Erintegration

4. Weather Tracker
Have students maintain a weather/environment lab, tracking weather in their city and another that can be compared and contrasted.
Get the project: Ditch The Textbook

5. Art Gallery
Students can create their own visual art gallery and then share via QR code or linking.
Get the project: Ditch The Textbook

6. Create Your Own Adventure
Build a “create your own adventure” story individually or in groups.
Get the project: Cult of Pedagogy

Google Drawings Student Project Ideas

7. Flow Charts
Create a flowchart to help students understand complex topics, or have them use it to organize ideas for a new project.
Get the project: G Suite by Google Cloud

8. Timelines
Students can create a timeline to go with a book review, history project or science lesson.
Get the project: Ditch The Textbook

9. Sort Key Terms
Students can categorize and sort key terms for their project, book report, or new lesson.
Get the project: Whooo’s Reading

10. Posters
Student-made posters can be used to explain complex topics or as a substitute for standard book reports.
Get the project: Whooo’s Reading

Google Docs Student Project Ideas

11. Media-Rich Research Paper
Write a media-rich research paper, including video, citations, images and more.
Get the project: Cult of Pedagogy (and PC World)

12. Scavenger Hunt
Create a scavenger hunt to help students learn about the tools available within Docs.
Get the project: Caitlin Tucker

Google Maps Student Project Ideas

13. Custom Map
Create custom maps that go with a project, or as a project on its own. Students can map out places they want to go or the places in a historic event.
Get the project: Whooo’s Reading

Google Drive Project Ideas

14. Color-Coded Resource Organization
Organize project resources with color-coded folders—this can be done by you or your students.
Get the project: Ladybug’s Teacher Files

15. Brochures
Create brochures; in the example, the teacher’s class created state brochures.
Get the project: Reflections and Resources

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15 Ideas to Google-Fy Student Projects

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