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15 MORE GAFE Tips From Google Pros

15 MORE GAFE Tips From Google Pros

Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

Google never ceases to provide teachers with the most valuable free tools for lesson planning, classroom management, and much more. Make the most of GAFE, whether you’re using Classroom or not, with these life-changing (and time-saving!) ideas.

1. Use Translate to convert emails from non-English speaking parents or to translate emails from students and international pen pals. (BetterCloud)

2. Use Google Sheets as a class-wide book recommendation list. Have students add books in as they read them, and share with parents and student GAFE accounts for easy access. (Whooo’s Reading Blog)

3. Use Sheets formulas to create interactive lesson demonstrations that students can try on their own. (Fun But Learn)

4. Use Google Notes to outline a lesson and then use the copy feature to easily transfer it into a Google Doc to complete. (Educator’s Technology)

5. Create your own personal dictionary so Google stops flagging words that you use often—but may not be in their dictionary—saving you more time than you think. (Whooo’s Reading Blog)

6. Create a naming convention for all of your assignments. If you’re managing multiple classes, this will make it easier to scan your Drive or Google Classroom and find what you need. (Shake Up Learning)

7. Use the “Research” function to find an image, quote or resource from Google Scholar that embeds directly into whatever Google app you’re using, including Docs, Sheets and Slides. (TeachHub)

8. Use Google Drawings to annotate maps, anatomy charts, photos and more. (Whooo’s Reading Blog)

9. Use Spreadsheets as an easy, digital way for students to track science experiments. (BetterCloud)

10. Use Google Life, a collection of millions of historic photos that have never been published, to transport students back in time during history lessons. (TeachHub)

11. Use basic java script (directs in link) to create interactive quizzes in Google Sheets. (Fun But Learn)

12. Facilitate Exit Tickets with Google Forms—the digital responses make your life easier and being able to use classroom devices will get students excited. (Zahner History)

13. Use Google Drawings the same way you would use ThingLink to create interactive posters for lessons. Have students use it for homework and projects. (Control Alt Achieve)

14. Make Google Notes more effective by setting a “Remind Me” time and date so you don’t forget to go back to it later, bring up your points in a meeting and more. (Educator’s Technology)

15. Disable printing, copying and downloading on certain files to restrict what students can and can’t do. (Whooo’s Reading Blog)

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15 MORE GAFE Tips From Google Pros

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  1. Bruce White

    July 24, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Great tips

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