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15 Things Teachers Wish They Could Say

15 Things Teachers Wish They Could Say

By Jessica Sanders

You’re all thinking it, so let’s just have a good chuckle—instead of actually saying it.


I know, it sounds crazy.

mannders - blog.learn2earn

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You can borrow my pen just this ONE time.

forgot something to write with

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Because I’m not standing in front of this classroom for my health.

cut my class

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If you’d just listen to me.

conferences never listen

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Do I really need to say this?

bell ring

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Aaah, teacher fantasies.

locked in classsroom

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Just when you thought it was over…


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Hopefully no one notices.


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Really, I do.

liquor store

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I know it’s a lot to ask for you to help your child with homework…

parent help with french

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Whoops, did I think that?

duct tape little things

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It’s all about you, right?

while I was gone

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I’ll just keep dreaming.

return to school - keep dreaming

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Actually, make it two.

buy me a drink

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Really, I do.

thank you

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