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20 Teachers Explain Why They Love What They Do

20 Teachers Explain Why They Love What They Do

By The Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

Teachers play an important role, not just in the lives of their students, but, most importantly, in society. Luckily, most teachers take this role very seriously and, at the end of the day, love what they do. Here are 20 teachers talking about why they love the all-important role that they hold educating the youth of the world.


“The thrill of a good and well thought out lesson is incomparable.” – Joel, Band Director, former teacher

“To see the world from all the different perspectives of my students.” – Anonymous, TeachHub

“Why do I love teaching kids? Because I still get to do kid stuff! I can play at recess, build things in class, and encourage imagination!” – Todd Nesloney, teacher

“Teaching affords a fantastic degree of autonomy. If you choose, teaching can have an strong element of performance about it…you’re on stage, live and in the room…” – Tom Sherrington, Headteacher

“My job is not left at my school at the end of the day. It occupies my thoughts and calls on me to strategize and plan even when I’m not ‘on the clock.’ In this way, my chosen profession serves a higher purpose for society. I take my responsibility very seriously and am proud to call myself a ‘teacher.’” – Neil Finney, Ontario Public School teacher

“I love it when I am working with students and that magic moment happens. You know what I am talking about. That moment when a student who has never smiled, smiles. That moment when a student has that light bulb moment and finally understands a learning point.” – Mark Anderson, former assistant head teacher

“Middle school students are in the necessary developmental stage of separating from their parents and establishing their own identity, but they still need adult guidance to get there. As a result, middle school teachers function in loco parentis, but without the arguments or slamming of bedroom doors.” – Cheryl Mizerny, on why she loves teaching middle school students

“Oh how I love introducing students to coding! Whether it’s Scratch, Hopscotch, or now Scratch Jr., I love the complexity and engagement which always comes with coding lessons.” – Wesley Fryer, on why she loves teaching elementary STEM

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“I have seen the changes that I and other teachers have wrought in our students, and if I leave the world a little better than I found it, then that will have been enough.” – DarkSkyes, via Reddit

“4 months off a year, and a steady paycheck getting to do something I love? Best job ever.” – Fluffbuns, 9th grade biology teacher, via Reddit

“I enjoy and have fun with kids while teaching them, listening to their problems and trying to solve them in the best possible ways.” – Swati Dixit, 10th grade biology teacher

“Children are like a blank slate and teachers have the unique opportunity to write, draw, sketch, color, paint and design the minds of children to influence the future world.” – William Jackson, teacher

“A child needs food and love but when they are at school, as a teacher, I believe I have the power and the responsibility to change a child’s life. Just starting the day with a smile and having high expectations of the child goes so far, I know they can learn. And they do it.” – Increase Eko, Deputy Head of Kender Primary School

“Some days are better than others. But every day, there are little triumphs. I help kids learn, and be, and get through their days, almost every day.” – Carolyn Tacey, New York City public school teacher

“I really love teaching 2nd and 3rd graders because they’re transitioning from being the babies of the school to understanding more about working together and setting goals for themselves.” – Julie Vallens, 3rd grade bilingual teacher

“Teaching young children also allows you to be silly! You get to sing songs and play games. That barrier between “educator” and “friend” is much lower when compared to older students.” – K8ee, on why she loves teaching elementary school, via Reddit

“Everything is new and exciting in their eyes. Reading is awesome just because they can do it.” – Hannaheatworld, on why she loves teaching elementary school, via Reddit

“Simply by engaging in spontaneous reasoned dialogue with students, I offer them new ways of perceiving the world around them. I teach life skills; I teach morals; I teach wise choices; I teach compassion. I spend time with youngsters who need an adult who treats them with respect and kindness.” – Jane Klir Viau, AP statistics and microeconomics teacher

“I had an excellent education growing up and was raised to believe that I could do whatever I wanted to if I just put my mind to it. And that’s the same thing I want for my students.” – Julia King, math and reading teacher

“I teach in the hopes of making the world a better place. There are still worlds to change, lives to touch, and powerful work to be done.” – Jason Fulmer, 2004 South Carolina Teacher of the Year

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