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3-Minute YouTube Videos to Make You a Tech-Savvy Teacher

3-Minute YouTube Videos to Make You a Tech-Savvy Teacher

By Jessica Sanders

It’s safe to assume you need to spend long hours in a professional development course to become tech savvy, right? Quite the contrary; all it takes is 3 minutes to learn something new, something that you can immediately apply in your classroom—that is, when you turn to YouTube videos.

YouTube has more than 1 billion users that upload 300 hours of video every minute. This makes YouTube a valuable resource if you’re looking to improve your technology skills whenever a moment becomes available.

Here are some of the best channels for teachers who want to learn a thing or two about using technology in the classroom. Check out the best 3-minute YouTube videos and browse each channel’s full collection when you have a little more time.

Channel: ISTE

8 Essential Elements of PBL

Learn how Project-Based Learning (PBL) allows students to learn through hands-on, technology-based assignments.

Channel: Teachers

21st Century Classroom

Learn about how 9th grade social studies teacher Mike Christiansen uses YouTube to elevate his lessons.

Channel: Emerging EdTech

Teaching With Tech Tutorial – Socrative

Learn how to use Socrative, an online student response system that allows you to quickly communicate with your students.

Channel: Office of EdTech

Using Minecraft to Build Students’ Soft Skills

Learn how to use Minecraft to teach collaboration, content and soft skills.

Channel: UWRFedtech

Using TEDed in the Classroom

Watch this presentation, given by Sarah Schaefer from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, about how you can use TEDed videos in your classroom.

Channel: Lesson Planet

Implementing 1:1 Chromebooks Introduction

Whatch as middle school teacher Veronica Tadeo talks about how she made 1:1 happen in her classroom with Chromebooks.

Up your cool-factor in the classroom with our simple tech tool, Whooo’s Reading.

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