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5 Reading Apps Students Will Love

5 Reading Apps Students Will Love

By Samantha Kotey

boring reading toolSmartphones are becoming a permanent fixture in the lives of children. This is why tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices have slowly made their way into the classroom as tools for every subject, including reading.

Still, there’s something about a print book that can’t be replaced, right?

Luckily, these five reading apps won’t replace a physical book.

Rather, they’ll supplement what print books already offer, allowing your students build their reading skills with the technology that they already know and love. Each of these reading apps is easy to use, has strong educational merits, and works on a variety of devices, making every single one easy to integrate in every classroom.

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1. Spritz Speed Reading App

Spritz is a speed-reading app that shows one word at a time. The app uses a specialized digital frame to engage the reader, making it perfect for students who may have trouble focusing.

This app is easy to learn and will have your students reading within minutes. Spritz says users can reach up to 1,000 words per minute—starting at 250 wpm is advised. It works on most smart devices, including tablets, watches and phones.

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2. Young Reader

Young reader helps kids read faster and with better comprehension by showing them how to track words and better grasp the content. It’s geared towards kids age 8 to 13 and comes pre-loaded with more than 130 classic children’s books. Note: more catalogs can be downloaded.

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3. Rewordify

Rewordify is unique among reading apps: students can type a confusing sentence or an entire chapter into the app, and it simplifies the text. The app shows the original text in one box and the new text in an adjacent box, and any words that were changed are highlighted in yellow. Your students can then compare the words to enhance their understanding.

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4. Subtext

Subtext is an iPhone and iPad app that helps students prepare for Common Core testing. You can embed instructions, reflection questions or other notes within the text for your students to see as they read.

The app was designed for a K-12classroom and allows teachers to read and collaborate with their students. Premium features include text to speech, which allows you to help struggling or ESL readers.

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5. Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is an app that offers customizable, text-to-speech capabilities. The app can be configured to help students who are auditory learners, visual learners or somewhere in between and comes with a variety of voices, with additional voices available through in-app purchases. Voice Dream Reader also integrates with popular apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, Pocket and Google Drive.

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Bonus: Whooo’s Reading

Whooo’s Reading, a free, online reading log platform (not available in app version yet), is an important tool for teachers looking to motivate students to read more.

After logging minutes, students are automatically promoted to answer grade-specific, Common Core-aligned questions, after which they’re awarded with Wisdom Coins. These coins can be redeemed in the owl store where they buy accessories for their Owlvatar—a surprisingly effective motivational tool:

“My reluctant readers are actually begging me for more time reading and responding. They love earning coins for their work and designing their page and avatars,” said Cheryl R., a Whooo’s Reading teacher.

Teachers can sign up for a class account for $15/month, with a 2-month free trial. Schools can also purchase on a subscription basis, providing Premium to every student for a set price.

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5 Reading Apps Your Students Will Love

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