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7 Tips for Writing the Best Teacher Resume

7 Tips for Writing the Best Teacher Resume

If you are a teacher looking for another position or are looking for a job as a teacher you will need a good resume. The best resumes will be looked at by a hiring manager and will more than likely get you an interview. Here are seven tips for writing the best teacher resume. 

  1. Format – Your resume should look professional and for that you will want to format it in a professional manner. You might have a resume you used in high school that was put together in a haphazard manner, but now you need to be aware of your formatting. Formatting is not difficult but you will need to put a bit of time and effort into it. 
  2. Font – Your resume should look professional and one way to make sure of that is to use a proper font. While you might be tempted to use comic sans or another cute font for an early childhood position, that is not a good idea. Not only will your font make an impression on the hiring manager, if the company uses bots to sort through their incoming resumes, the bots might not be able to read those fonts. Use a font like Arial or Times New Roman so your resume makes it through to the hiring manager. 
  3. Education – You will want to highlight your education and any internships you completed while at school. Be sure to list your schools so that the latest is on the top of the list. Highlight any classes that pertain to the level of education you wish to teach. If you have a concentration in something that you will use while teaching, list those classes also. Your education is important when applying for a teaching position. Show off what you have accomplished. 
  4. Work – If you are already teaching this section is just as important as the education section. Highlight anything you have accomplished in your positions. List any organizations you supervised as a teacher and be sure to highlight your numbers. An employer wants to see what you have done, not just where you have worked. If you have not worked as a teacher before, list your last five years of employment. If you worked with children be sure to highlight those positions. A resume builder will help you organize your education and work sections so that they look professional. You can find a great resume builder online. 
  5. Volunteering – If you have spent time volunteering with children, include those hours in your resume. Especially if you have not been working because you have been attending college. Showing that you have worked with children, even on a voluntary basis, will instill a sense of security within the hiring manager. If they feel secure with you, they will be more likely to pick you for an interview. 
  6. Size – Your resume should only be one page long. It is an overview of what you have accomplished thus far in your life. Be sure to include a link to your personal website and other social media you are proud of so the hiring manager can get an overall view of you and your life. This way you can keep your resume short and sweet. Hiring managers do not want to have to read a long resume, and if it is too long they will put it aside. If your resume is put aside you will not be hired. 
  7. Proofread – When you have finished writing your resume be sure to proofread it. Take the time to look it over word for word the day after you write it. Check for spelling errors and misused words. When you have double-checked it, take it to a friend and ask them to look it over. You want to be sure everything is correct, especially your contact information. Your contact information is something you are used to seeing and may take for granted. Go over that section with a fine-toothed comb to make sure everything is correct. If the hiring manager has incorrect contact information they will not be able to offer you an interview. Also, double-check how the formatting looks on a printed out version of your resume. Something that looks good online may not look good on paper. Make sure everything lines up and looks professional. 

Author: Jane Hurst

Jane Hurst is a writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco, CA. 

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