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9 Apps and Tools to Supplement Grammar Lessons

9 Apps and Tools to Supplement Grammar Lessons

By Gloria Kopp

Whooo's Reading - Learn MoreTo say teaching is a difficult job is an understatement. To say teaching grammar is difficult is a statement on a whole new level.

With all of the tricky details and nuances contained within grammar, it’s no easy undertaking. And, trying to learn can be frustrating and hard to fully understand for students.

If a student becomes frustrated because they doon’t understand a lesson or because it’s too boring for them, their overall learning experience deteriorates.

Injecting a little fun and interaction into the lesson can make all the difference in how the lesson is taught by the teacher and received by the student.

Make the entire process easier, more enjoyable and better received by students with the help of these 10 apps to supplement your grammar lessons.

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Send your students to Quill to have fun with free grammar and writing activities. Students can get instant feedback and explanations on sentence structure, fragment and run-on sentences so they can both correct and understand the grammatical rules they’re following. On the teacher-end of Quill, you’ll get a diagnostic summary detailing the areas in which each student should focus more of their learning.

Grammar Wonderland

Grammar lessons don’t need to be boring and bland. Put a little bit of fun back into learning with this adventure-based app. Grammar Wonderland takes students through the wonderful world of verbs, nouns and adjectives as they travel through the different areas of this virtual world.

Student Interactives

There’s so much to do at Student Interactives! Online literacy learning is turned into an engaging experience as students get a better grasp on language, while having fun. Who said learning grammar was boring? Certainly no one who’s had the opportunity to try out Student Interactives.

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Grammar Fun

The child-friendly interface of this app gives kids the opportunity to get a grammar lesson through fun, interactive play. Students may also stay more engaged and retain more of what they’re learning when they’re having fun, making your lessons and activities more impactful with this app.

Grammar Pop

Make your way through 28 levels of sentences with this new and interactive word game from the award-winning Grammar Girl. Depending on level of understanding, students can keep it to the basics or move on to more advanced challenges.


Improvise with your creative storytelling, while getting valuable lessons in grammar with MobiLibs. With twenty great stories to draw from, students will be able to ad lib stories on the go with their mobile device and share with others.

Comparative Adjectives

With more than 350 beautiful images held in its library, the Comparative Adjectives app lets students engage in learning in a fun and easy to understand way. The ability to compare and describe differences between objects is a key component in language, and this app gives students an opportunity to explore this area of language in a fun and interactive way.

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For International Teachers:

Australian Help

If you’re unsure about a grammar related matter, turn to the library of information at Australian Help for clarification. No matter what the question, they’re sure to have the answer for you within their vast resource collection. Use it to supplement during your lesson, or have students refer to it for information to complete work on their own.

Grammar lessons don’t have to be bland and boring. Getting students excited and involved in their learning can help them stay engaged throughout the lesson, which in turn helps them listen to and understand more. When students want to learn because it’s fun, it’s not such a daunting task – and teaching it becomes even more of a joy.

Utilize these apps and tools to get your students interested in their grammar, and to help you get the message across to them. Teaching and learning grammar is, without a doubt, difficult. But, making it more fun will make the entire experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

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9 Apps to Supplement Grammar Lessons

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