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10 Best Android Coding Apps for Students

10 Best Android Coding Apps for Students

By Farid Gasim

Young children learn new languages faster than most adults. And learning code is a lot like learning a new language—in fact, it is learning a new language.

While programming might sound incredibly advanced, most kids are able to understand it quickly, and this skill is one they’ll need as they get older and enter the job market. According to Hour of Code:

  • 58 percent of all new jobs are in STEM related fields.
  • 54 percent of students say “Computer Science and Engineering” is a subject they like “a lot!”
  • Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the U.S.

Coding apps are a simple yet important tool for preparing students for success. If you’re ready to introduce your students to coding, check out these ten fun and engaging coding Android apps for kids.

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1. Run Marco

Most coding apps are puzzle-focused games, but not Run Marco. This app is an adventure game that uses visual instructions to move students through the course. They’ll learn how to think like a developer, “one step at a time,” while learning the coding language, Blockly. The app is available in 26 languages and is recommended by the official Hour of Code organization.

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2. Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar 

This app, which is also an offline toy, helps students solve puzzles while getting familiar with programming and coding concepts. It’s ideal for students aged 3 to 6 and the corresponding physical toy does make it more engaging. It’s advised to maintain teacher supervision while students navigate the app, and you can also switch off music and effects to minimize distraction.

3. Tynker – Learn to Code

Students will easily learn how to program with Tynker, an app that teaches them through the process of building games and doing puzzles. The app can be used offline, and The Tynker Workshop has themed graphics, game-kits and animated characters and stories to help students make their projects come to life. Teachers will also enjoy the classroom management features on the website.

4. Ligthbot – One Hour Coding

This programming puzzle is meant for students with no prior experience to coding, giving them a practical understanding of basic coding knowledge. It introduces terms and mechanics like loops, procedures and loops, is available in 28 different languages, and features 20+ levels.

5. Hakitzu Elite

This robot combat game teachers the basics of coding while battling other robots in multiplayer and single-player missions. Students can customize their robots to be used in battle while learning JavaScript, and has both single and head-to-head mode, so they can play alone or together.

6. Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

A caterpillar—code-a-pillar—is the adorable subject of this coding app, which teaches students how to code as they help the caterpillar move through the maze. Content starts simple and increases in challenge as students move through the levels, making it perfect for beginners.

7. Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues – Mystery Coding Game

This app has a different approach to coding. The famous detective Nancy Drew is the protagonist of their “Coding of the Dead” game, with a STEM theme. Students must solve a mystery, using drag and drop to move visual code blocks to their proper places. The game is highly-intuitive and entertaining, and will keep any student engaged.

8. Scratch Jr.

A great way to introduce programming language to young students is to have them create their own interactive games and stories. With this app, students will have to use graphical programming blocks to make the characters move, teaching them the concepts behind coding.

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9. Code Karts

Even children aged 4 years old can learn to code. Code Kart presents a series of logical puzzles in a raceway and the fundamentals of coding are taught while children are racing. The app has 70 levels and a variety of puzzling obstacles.

10. Robotizen: Kid learn Coding Robot 5+

Robotizen app is perfect for students ages 4 to 9 years old. It teaches the basics of computer programming and robotics through a variety of interactive learning activities all embedded in an interesting story. Students learn key programming concepts such as sequence, command, condition, event loop, and basics of robotics and the curriculum is developed based on collaboration with MIT.

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10 Best Android Coding Apps for Students

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