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23 Best Educational Websites: Social Media, Chatting and Web Browsing

23 Best Educational Websites: Social Media, Chatting and Web Browsing

By Jessica Sanders

Give your students to freedom to explore online when you bring these websites into the classroom. You’ll find everything from kid-safe web searching sites to student-to-student chatting apps. 

Safe Web Searching

Safe Search Kids: “The Google Search Engine for Kids.”

KidRex: Search results emphasize kid-friendly websites.

Fact Monster: Students can discover facts about math, science, the world and more. Website also offers a thesaurus, encyclopedia and dictionary.

GoGooligans: Kid-safe search, now with pop-up accessible keyboard for students with disabilities.

KidzSearch: Kids can search videos, pictures, websites, games, encyclopedia and a Q and A section.

KidsClick: Designed for kids by librarians.

Tween Tribune: Like the New York Times, but made for kids. Created by the Smithsonian.

Student Social Media Sites

Twiducate: Twitter-like collaboration environment.

Kimingo: Implemented by the school; requires in-person verification to get account.

Jabbersmack: Kids Safe Certified social sharing site.

Whooo’s Reading: Often referred to by students as “Facebook for reading.”

Student-to-Student Chatting

PlayKids Talk: Parents manage contacts and all messages and traffic are encrypted.

Marimba: Safe messaging app for students age 7-12.

Kuddle: Safe photo sharing.

Safe Article Browsing 

Newsela: Leveled news content; five reading levels available.

Wonderopolis: Encouraging kids to wonder every single day.

Here There Everywhere: “News for kids.”

Time for Kids: This website even features kid reporters.

CNN Student News: Better for older students; middle school and up.

News for Your Classroom: Featuring 35 student reporters, from 22 states, to inspire your students.

WhizTimes: Students can browse articles and videos, and submit their own.

KidzWorld: Article categories include sports, school, games and entertainment; they can take quizzes too.

TedEd: Educational videos for students to browse.

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23 Best Educational Websites for Students

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