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8 Best Tech Tools to Support Bilingual Lessons

8 Best Tech Tools to Support Bilingual Lessons

By Barbara Mascareno-Shaw

Whooo's Reading - Learn MoreWhen preparing for bilingual lessons, it’s can feel overwhelming having to choose the best tech tools. Yet tech is a valuable way to boost engagement in the classroom.

What can you do to make it easier for students to encourage learning with technology?

I have compiled a list of the eight best tech tools to support bilingual lessons in your classroom.

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Google Classroom

This innovative blending learning platform offers many tools for non-English and English speakers alike. In some cases, it’s best for older students in middle or high school and motivates students to complete assignments.

This learning tool also encourages students to use standard applications to complete projects and write-ups, helping them learn technology skills along the way. It also motivates students to work in groups thanks to Google Classroom’s easy sharing features for documents and projects.

New to Google Classroom? Here are some resources:

Early Lingo

Founder Caryn Antonini developed the Early Lingo learning system program, used with iPads, for students up to age 9. This revolutionary digital educational tool is a language based learning platform available in Spanish.

The best part of Early Lingo is students adapt to the learning system as they go. Early Lingo uses an immersion language development method, so that as students go through the program, they encounter different techniques to help them learn Spanish.

cK-12 Foundation

As one of the best free online educational resources, cK-12 offers so many options to engage bilingual students in the digital age. From interactive simulations to digital textbooks, the cK-12 platform is much like a bilingual library on the go, with 50 languages for students to choose from.

Accessing the website from any mobile device is easy and many of the activities and reading sections quickly display on most devices.

One of the great features is the online textbook option. While many districts struggle to obtain textbooks for schools, cK-12 makes it easy for teachers to incorporate digital versions of textbooks, which students access at any time.

Finally, cK-12 integrates with Google Classroom, making it easy to use with students if you’re already engaged with that platform as well.

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PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media incorporates state standards with popular PBS educational shows.

This learning platform is a great tool because teachers add content to their lesson plans based on standards. Furthermore, with videos, interactive activities, and reading passages, teachers also create crossword puzzles, quizzes, and other learning activities.

In fact, students learn collaboration when working with other classmates on puzzles or video activities.


A simple language tech tool is Vocabulix, which helps students learn Spanish, French, Italian and German. In three short sections, students learn about verbs, word study, and sentence structure. One of the best features of this tech tool is the option to start at any level and move to more complex language learning, allowing you to personalize assignments easily.

Although it is a web-based learning tool, teachers use this educational language support for simple tasks or assignments.

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Story Place (In Spanish)

Very few tech tools offer Spanish stories or reading passages, which is so important in language acquisition and development. Story Place in Spanish is full of stories, all in Spanish, for preschool bilingual learners.

This digital library has a wide variety of themes for you to build lesson planning and activities around. Note: to use the online reading materials, make sure to have the Adobe Acrobat plug-in installed or updated to the latest version.

Go Noodle

Movement around the classroom is an important aspect of learning a new language, too. In fact, learning many different concepts in one day can be overwhelming for some students. Brain breaks help alleviate the mundane routine of constant learning.

Go Noodles is an easy way for teachers to incorporate movement into the classroom without causing disruption thanks to short video clip and hundreds of brain break activities.

Many of these videos are in Spanish or bilingual and within 1 to 3 minutes of movement, students begin to boost brain activity and well-being. See how this teacher helped her bilingual students with Noodle.

Discovery Education

Based on the popular television show and science magazine, Discovery Education provides teachers with video clips, reading materials, and other fun, educational activities—much of which can be accessed in Spanish and English.

One of the most valuable features of Discovery Education is the access teachers have to a large library of short introductory videos that cover a wide range of subjects. All of these are easily adaptable to any bilingual class whether you’re watching a video or taking a virtual field trip.

Teachers can use the task tool to develop lessons based on theme or grade level for any virtual field trip, including literacy development.

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Apps and tech tools are overflowing in the education world, especially in reading and foreign language learning. The tools presented here are merely a small selection of what tech tools are available to support bilingual lessons. The future of learning is not dependent on technology but on the instructional skills of bilingual teachers—so find the tools that support your teaching and keep students engaged at the same time.

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8 Best Tech Tools to Support Bilingual Lessons

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