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8 Awesome Websites for Creating Video Lessons

8 Awesome Websites for Creating Video Lessons

By Andrew Hernandez

With technology use increasing and attention spans decreasing, and video lessons make it easier than ever to get and keep your students attention.

These websites provide helpful tools for video creation, editing, and sharing, all of which put the power to engage students in your own hands.

Test these eight awesome websites to find the ones that work best for your needs.

Each one has its own unique features that set it apart from the rest. Soon, you’ll be creating amazing video lessons that impress even your most challenging students.

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#1: Flipgrid

Flipgrid’s mission is simple: “Every student has a voice, so let’s amplify! Students record short, authentic videos and can reply to each other’s videos.” You start by creating a grid, which represents your classroom. After adding a topic, your students can share short video responses, from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.

Use the responses in class to ignite a dialogue, or have students respond to each others’ videos. This tool is super simple, but super powerful.


#2: Animoto

Use Animoto to create professional-looking video presentations or have your students use it to make their own. Once you’ve selected a style and song, you can customize by adding photos, videos and text. If you made the presentation for class, just pull it up as lecture starts; you can even email it around to students ahead of time for lesson prep. Students can also use this tool to make video projects that can be shared with friends and family!

The best part: teachers can apply for a free Animoto account for themselves and up to 50 students.


#3: ClassHook

Looking for an engaging hook to your lesson? Use funny, thrilling, and interesting clips in your presentations to keep your students’ attention and help them retain more information from your lessons with ClassHook. This tool provides you with short clips from popular TV shows and movies that will get students engaged right away. You can filter videos by subject (physics, grammar, etc.), grade level, or TV show or movie title to find the best clip for your lesson.


#4: YouTube Education

Looking for a video to explain the science behind love, the big bang theory, or anything in between? Use YouTube’s educational subsection to find thousands of educational videos that you can include in your presentations. Better yet, add them to a bookmark that can be accessed by students during use them for brain breaks.

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#5: Channel One News

Channel One News is an award-winning daily news program that encourages young people to become informed, global citizens. Bring their videos to your lessons by embedding in presentations, like those you make with Prezi or Google Slides.

To find the best video for your lessons, tailor your search to particular grade-levels or subjects or simply dig through their large and diverse selection of videos.


#6: Screenr

Want to record and show a process to your class from your computer screen? Download Screenr’s chrome extension to make it easy and convenient. This tool can be used in many ways, whether you want to show students how to do something (and need to pre-record it) or simply provide video feedback for better clarity and understanding.



Edpuzzle allows you to upload a video, share it with your class, and monitor how many students have viewed it. To make it interactive and engaging, add questions along the way, which you can do with your voice or text. If you don’t have time to make your own videos, head to their library of options from YouTube, Khan Academy and more. Even better, it’s free to use for teachers and students.

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#8: Nawmal

Make your own animated movies—or invite your students to do so for a project—with this cool tool. While the tool is paid, it’s sure to impress during lessons, when you present an animated video you made yourself. Use it to introduce a new concept, illustrate a type of interaction and so much more.

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8 Awesome Websites for Creating Video Lessons

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