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8 Best Tools to Share Lesson Notes Digitally

8 Best Tools to Share Lesson Notes Digitally

By Anja Zlatović

Good news, teachers! We can now use students’ constant online presence to our own advantage, in this case, to share notes digitally.

There are many ways that technology help with this, from making them readily available to enabling better organization for all students.

Here are eight tools to share your lesson notes digitally—find the one that works for your needs and start sharing.


iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web

Evernote is possibly the best-known organiser and note-sharing app—and for good reason. The platform iteself is very functional and allows you to make audio, visual, and handwritten notes, in addition to text notes. You can organize them all in “notebooks” for easier navigation and use several text-styling options. When done, you can share the notes with colleagues or students who also have an Evernote account.

A possible downside is that it only offers the option of sharing notes with other Evernote users. If your colleagues or students aren’t using the platform, this wouldn’t be the best option.

Google Docs and Drive

iOS, Android, Web

It sounds like the obvious option, but Google docs may be the easiest way to share notes, especially if you already use Google Classroom with your students. It also operates in a similar fashion as Microsoft Word, making it easy to learn for those who are new.

Some other benefits include:

  • Edit history
  • Easy collaboration between studnets
  • Comments, which aree great if you’re looking for input from your students or if you want to give them feedback on a project.

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Dropbox Paper

iOS, Android, Web 

Dropbox is known as a file and document sharer, so it makes sense that their app, dropbox paper, is great for sharing notes.

It has a user-friendly design with great text-managing and formatting options. You can collaboratively edit the files and add comments, even put cute stickers on them, which students will love.

Another helpful feature is the ability to put files into the note, including your dropbox files, allowing you to share additional materials for your class easily and in one organized place. Goods news is, unlike Evernote, you can share notes outside of Dropbox; anyone who has a link to it can see the contents without signing in. Only those who want to edit the note have to have a dropbox account themselves.

Mix Note


Mix note is simple, and as such doesn’t offer many features. Still, it’s perfect if you want a quick and easy app that allows you to share your notes with your students who use other popular apps like Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, even Instagram. Text notes will be shared as simple text, which is convenient and quick for everyone. For teachers who are worried about the risks of social media in the classroom, don’t worry—you don’t need to use these social media apps to use MixNote.

The Mix Note feature is the ability to share picture notes, which means you can attach photos or in-app drawings with the text. If you want to draw a diagram, a schematic or simply circle something as highly important, you can.

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iOS, Android, Web

Trello is not designed to be a note-sharing app, but works well as a method for digitally distributing notes to students. It offers a variety of other benefits as well, being a project management app, including structured design, the ability to leave comments, set due dates, add photos, add a checklist and much more.

You can use these features to put urgent notes on top, tag those students who might benefit from them or can add to them, include pictures with the notes, categorize the topics, and set reminders.

As you can make more boards, you can always create your own personal board for your own tasks and projects, and another for notes and sharing important information.



Scrittor is possibly the most minimalistic app on this list, but if you’re looking for something that’s simple but effective, this is your solution. The app is focused simply on text notes with nothing but title and content. The only additional features available include those to categorize and star notes, as well as the option to share notes on other apps in the form of simple text messages.

Two other cool feature include the ability to choose from three different themes, with optional accent color, and the ability to secure entry to the app by fingerprint or PIN. All inh all, Scrittor a great option if you need something quick and easy.


iOS, Android, Web

This, again, is not your typical note app. With Stormboard, you can create boards with different notes, tasks, task lists, videos, and even chats. You can invite your students with a link, ID or key, and they can work with you on the board—making your note sharing more collaborative.

The notes are shown in sticky-note design on the opening board and on every sticker, you can add comments and see the “idea history.” There’s also an option to see activity progress, which will be helpful if you’re working on a project of some kind. There’s also a chat.

The wonderful thing about this app is the design, in which you can even choose the color of your note. It might not look as clean and professional as some of the apps, but that’s the charm of it, making the work as fun as possible.

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iOS, Android, Web

Microsoft’s app has proven to be one of the best for sharing notes. It offers a wide variety of options when taking notes, including drawing with several types of “pencils” to choose from. When sharing your note, you can choose plain text or to convert and share it as PDF file.

It also has an option to share via various other apps, including Evernote, so you can allow students to pick and choose the note sharing apps they prefer morst.

OneNote is ideal for organizing a lot of notes, thanks to the notebooks, pages, and sections features, complete with a search option. Bonus: new notebooks and sections are automatically sorted via colors for easier identification.

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8 Best Tools to Share Lesson Notes Digitally

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