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10 Popular Google Docs Add-Ons for Teachers

10 Popular Google Docs Add-Ons for Teachers

By Diana Clark

Google Docs is a savior for teachers, making it easy to keep resources online and readily available anywhere there’s an internet connection. The best part is that you can do so much more with Google Docs than you can with a traditional text program, thanks to add-ons. These expand your capabilities for editing, grading, using media and much more—making your life easier and your classroom resources more fun.

Check out a few awesome add-ons can be helpful for teachers.

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1. EasyBib Bibliography Creator

This add-on was created to assist teachers and students with creating and managing the bibliography for academic papers. It’s easy to use for students of all ages, and teaches them how to properly cite sources like a website. Students simply paste its title or URL into the add-on and wait for their citation to be generated. They’ll have a number of popular formats to choose from, including APA, MLA, and Chicago.

The best feature is the one that auto-creates a bibliography at the end of the paper. Simply click the “Generate Bibliography” button.

2. MindMeister

This well-known mind-mapping tool made its way into Google Docs, and you’ll love this add-on. MindMeister can become an indispensable tool for your projects because it allows you to turn a bullet-point list into a mind map that’s better understood when inserted into the document.

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3. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides

This next tool was created by Google to make editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations easier. You don’t even have to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, as this add-on replaces it well. It’s also easy to use: just install and begin dragging office files into Chrome to edit.

This is great for teachers who are new to Google Docs and want to transfer all their files to GSuite one at a time, as they’re being edited or needed.

4. Easy Accents

Language teachers will find this add-on helpful because it’s an easy way to put accents proper into documents. When setting up, simply choose the language you want, and the accents will appear in a menu in all your Google Docs moving forward.

This add-on ensures that you’re able to create worksheets with the correct spelling and, when added onto student accounts, ensures they can practice this for themselves as well.

5. Extensity

One problem that both educators and teachers often have is too many add-ons and extensions installed on their browser. This tool eliminates that problem by keeping a list of all extensions and add-ons installed in one window. If you use a lot of add-ons with Google Docs, this is a great way to keep them accessible and organized.

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6. Speech Recognition

This add-on allows you and your students to create docs using speech recognition technology. This is ideal for teachers who do a lot of classroom planning and prepping during a long commute, or students who have trouble writing.

The add-on is regularly updated to make the process of recording as easy and comfortable as possible, and the quality of recognition is high; it even accurately recognizes punctuation marks.

7. Grammarly

Writing error-free is a must for educators, and this tool ensures you do that—even on your most exhausted nights. As such, it’s one of the most popular proofreading tools that can be used by teachers and students alike. It checks grammar, punctuation, word choice, writing style, and others, ensuring that your writing is error-free.

8. Kaizena

This add-on that makes student feedback easy, thanks to several valuable features, including traditional text comments, along with voice comments. It’s also fully integrated with Google Docs, and the Lessons feature allows you to attach saved feedback to highlights inside an online document.

9. OrangeSlice Teacher Rubric

Having clear instructions for grading students’ works is essential. Created specifically for educators, this tool looks to improve your grading productivity by allowing you to quickly and easily make a rubric with points or percentages tied into the rubric.

orange slice google add-on

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1o. Geogebra

This is a powerful add-on for learning math and science that allows you to create interactive geometric constructions and math problems. You can even searching for online activities directly from the add-on, making your lessons and assignments more creative and fun.

This collection of popular add-ons contains options for essential activities of educators like writing, proofreading, time management, learning, giving feedback, and creating citations. We hope you will find something useful here that will make your work with Google Docs more efficient and effective.


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10 Popular Google Docs Add-Ons for Teachers


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