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10 Ways to Google-fy Your Open House and BTS Night

10 Ways to Google-fy Your Open House and BTS Night

By Stephen Mosley

If you’re fortunate enough to have a class set of Chromebooks, show them off!

Open House and Back to School Night are your chances to show parents what’s going on in your classroom—and shock them by all the cool things you can do with students using Google.

Googlefy your classroom in these 10 simple ways.

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Sign in Google Forms

Put a couple of Chromebooks near the entryway of your classroom. Hit parents with Google the second they walk in your classroom asking them to sign in using Google Forms.

Kahoot playing in loop

Set up one of your computers to auto play a Kahoot and project it on the big screen. Parents get a kick out of seeing how much fun their kids are having while learning at the same time.

Student paced Pear Deck stations

Set up a Pear Deck station. Put a couple of Chromebooks in an area of your classroom, with each computer running a different Pear Deck where parents and students can complete a couple of the Pear Deck tasks together. Students will love showing their parents “the ropes.”

Play a video using YouTube

In another part of the room, set up Chromebook’s running various videos of classroom content. Set up a playlist that covers the wide variety of topics you plan to cover in the classroom this coming quarter.

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Hyperdocs stations 

Show off your hyperdocs with a station of its own. Put various hyperdocs on a few Chromebooks so parents can click their way through the exercises and explore some of the topics their children will be learning.

Google Slides stations

Encourage parents to click through your Google Slides presentations. Create one about yourself, including information like: how long you’ve been teaching, where you went to school, your teaching philosophy and more.

Google Draw station

Let parents draw to their hearts content using Google Draw. This is especially fun if you have Chromebooks that can fold into tablets. Ask parents to save their best drawing with their name and do a slideshow the next morning with your students.

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Google Tour Builder stations

Show parents the places their kids are going with a Google Tour Builder station. Print a sheet of prompts for parents like: Map out your first-ever road trip or map out all the places you’ve lived in your life in chronological order.

Google site portfolio station

Create a Google Site for your classroom and post student work. Put together a bank of Chromebooks where students can show parents their portfolio of work thus far.

Create a formative assessment station with Socrative

Set up the station to show off a formative assessment and a Socrative space race game. Consider running through an assessment demo for parents once or twice throughout the night so they can see how it goes.

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10 Ways to Googlefy Your Open House and Back to School Night

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