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How Gamification Helped More Than 10,000 Teachers Improve Student Reading

How Gamification Helped More Than 10,000 Teachers Improve Student Reading

By Jessica Sanders

Gamification—noun: the process of adding games or game-like elements to something (as a task), so as to encourage participation.

Analysts at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2011 predicted that by 2015 “more than 50 percent of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes,” according to

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Little did they know this technology trend would take hold in the education space, allowing students to experience school in a whole new way. Apps and games like Minecraft are quickly becoming a staple in the classroom and encourage students to have fun while they learn.

This is why Whooo’s Reading, Learn2Earn’s free teacher tool, has been such a success in schools across the country. With gamification features such as, levels, leaderboards, and an interactive, Facebook-like interface, students are motivated to read and have more fun while they do it.

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Some of the tool’s gamification features include:

—Wisdom Coins: Students earn coins for logging their reading and answering Common Core-aligned questions.

—Newsfeed: Students can see what their peers are reading and comment and “like” other students’ reading entries.

—Owl store: Students redeem their wisdom coins for accessories to decorate their Owlvatar. See a few of our favorites below.

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The Survey

We asked 100 of our teacher users to help us clarify how Whooo’s Reading has improved their students’ reading skills and increased their interest. The results prove that gamification can be a valuable addition to your lesson plan.

motivated students to read more overall reading comprehension prepare for common core

Give Whooo’s Reading a try—sign up for free at

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