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7 Awesome Ways KidsEmail Helps Students Learn

7 Awesome Ways KidsEmail Helps Students Learn

By Heather Bowcutt

reading too much? Whooos ReadingWant a to try something fun and new in the classroom?

KidsEmail puts a different spin on learning while using technology—not only is this tech tool the safest platform for a child to communicate with friends and family, but it’s also a great way for kids to gain confidence in their reading and writing skills.

Here are seven fun ways to use KidsEmail as an exciting learning tool.

1. Improve Vocabulary

Use KidsEmail to teach students how to spell, making sure to point out the differences between casual writing and proper grammar—kids are using abbreviated and incorrectly spelled words more and more thanks to text messaging and social media.

2. Learn How to Use Email

Not only is KidsEmail the safest way for a child to email, but it’s also a great way to teach kids how to use an email account. The platform is easy to understand and maneuver, making the learning curve quick and convenient.

3. Write a Classwide Story

Start a story writing email chain. Have students write several sentences of a story, email it to another student, who then writes a few more lines to continue the story. Repeat for every student in the class and then work together to add other media to complete the story—think images, audio, video and more—with a digital storytelling tool.

Students can use the drawing pad on the KidsEmail app to illustrate the story in their own way, as well.

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4. Learn About Their Family History

Task students with learning more about their ancestors and family. They can use KidsEmail to get in touch with grandparents, aunts and uncles.

5. Give Pop Quizzes

Use KidsEmail as a fun way to deliver a pop quiz. While students don’t like pop quizzes, they’ll be excited when you say, “Log into your email account to access the pop quiz for today.”

6. Get to Know Your Students

Use KidsEmail to learn more about your students at the start of a new semester or school year. Email each student asking a few specific questions, and then allow the conversation to continue as you reply back and forth.

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7. Facilitate a Scavenger Hunt

Email your students a list of things to find (i.e. a tree, a yellow leaf, a red pen) and have them take photos of item and email them to you. Tie this into a specific lesson or unit that students are working on—they’ll love the chance to get out of their seats and put their knowledge to the test.

Not only will students love receiving emails in their account, but reading those emails will improve reading and vocabulary skills. KidsEmail is the safe and fun way for kids to build their confidence in a technologically driven world—email can be both fun and educational!

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7 Awesome Ways to Use KidsEmail in the Classroom

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