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10 News Sites to Find Paperless Current Events

10 News Sites to Find Paperless Current Events

By Elizabeth Kahn

In the dinosaur days when I was in school, our teacher would require us to bring in current event articles cut out from the newspaper at home. While you can still have students do that in your classroom, in my home town, the print newspaper is only delivered three days a week now instead of seven.

With computer access, however, students can not only access local papers seven days a week, but those from around the globe as well with just a few clicks. Newspapers, whether they’re online or off, offer students a chance to read and react to non-fiction narrative prose, a component of the Common Core Standards from elementary through high school.

The following websites make it easy for you to give students access to a variety of newspapers. With so many options, instead of just the local reel, much of these websites can valuable in any of the content areas for your students.


This extensive website offers thousands of newspapers from around the globe and you can search by country and region of the world. They also offer an option to search for papers written specifically in English or in another language including French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Portuguese.

Newspaper Map

This is a more of a visual tool, which can be engaging for many students. On the homepage, you’ll see a map of the world with icons showing you where each newspaper is published and there are easy color-coded symbols that let you know the language of a specific newspaper. You have the option to read the newspaper in the language in which it was printed or have the text translated into English with ease. There are newspapers from every continent with a permanent population.


On this news site you’ll find lists of newspapers, magazines and news sites from around that world that are all written in English. One list that could prove to be very useful for high school students is the this one, which highlights news magazines by whether their point of view leans toward the left or the right


The Newseum, in Washington D.C., is all about educating visitors about media literacy and the first amendment freedoms found in the US Constitution. The museum’s website offers daily pictures of the front page from newspapers around the United States and teachers can sign up and register for NewseumED, which provides special content and lessons that can be used in the classroom.

The content is free for teachers, but you still have to register to access it.


This is a non-profit organization that is independently funded and not underwritten by the government or corporations. Its mission is to have reporters uncover the stories that might be left hidden without their investigations.

This news site could be useful for high school students looking for information on hot topics that are current and probably controversial. This website can also be useful for students looking for sources while writing argumentative papers.

Huffington Post

This well-known news site has an online section geared specifically towards teens. Here students can find articles from the regular edition of the Huffington Post but also content that would be of interest specifically to their age group. Highlighting young people who make a difference is a large part of the content found in this section, which could be the inspiration your young students need.

New York Times

Head to the New York Times website to find all of its print content in digital form. However, it does not give it away for free. You’re allowed to download ten articles each month without incurring any costs.

The Learning Network blog, a publication that is created by by the New York Times, is geared towards teachers. The content here is free, and teachers will find lesson plans, writing prompts, quizzes, and contests that can be utilized in the classroom.

The Daily Beast

This growing and popular news site was created from the ashes of the print news magazine, Newsweek. All of its content is available digitally and you’ll find news about current events and politics in the US and the world. Students might also like the articles about celebrities, technology, style, and entertainment.

US News and World Report

This website no longer has a weekly print companion, but it continues its history of writing articles with news and information by publishing all of its content online. US News is also known for its rankings of high schools and colleges and universities, which could be useful to high school students in their college search.

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10 News Sites for Paperless Current Events

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