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15 Online Games to Learn About the Planet

15 Online Games to Learn About the Planet

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

reading too much? Whooos ReadingThe Internet has done many things for education, including providing teachers with tools that allow their students to explore the world around them.

These 15 games will not only keep students engaged and excited, but teach them about various aspects of their planet, from the solar system that surrounds it to the climate problems the world is facing. 

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Climate Challenge

Students act as European leaders that need to make environmental decisions. They’ll need to consider what resources they need to make it happen and which agencies they need to get approval from.


Students are tasked with lowering UK CO2 emissions to 20% of 1990 levels by year 2050. They’ll use a dashboard of sliders to control biofuel, nuclear power and more, to see how these things affect climate control and find the ideal balance.

Planet Green

This online game is brought to you by three large agencies: National Geographic, Center for Science and General Electric. In Planet Green, students build their own “green” city—they can even name their city and make improvements after they learn more.

Kid’s Air

This online game teaches students how the EPA measures air quality. This can be paired with a social study lesson about countries with notoriously poor air quality.

NASA Space Place

This online game portal, created by NASA, teaches students about the earth, solar system, sun and universe with fun online games. For example, Go With the Flow teaches students about ocean currents.

Climates of the World

Brought to you by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, this online game can easily be played as a class. It’s perfect for a social studies class where students are learning about cultures around the world.

Pollution Awareness

The EPA created this simple game, where students click on activities happening in the photo that they think is harming the environment. When they click, they’ll learn about why that activity is bad.

National Geographic Kids

This website provides students with a variety of online games that will help them learn more about the planet. Look for geography and animal specific games, like Desert Memory, American Animal Maze Game or Dolphin Diving.

The Lorax

Students play with their favorite characters from the Lorax to help protect the environment. The main page gives students tips for being more energy efficient such as, “Turn off lights, the TV and other electronics when you’re done with them.” Games include Be a Super Sleuth and Find the Hidden Words.

Climate Kids

This website is full of online games about weather, climate, carbon emissions, oceans and more. Games include Climate Trivia, Power Up, and The Climate Time Machine.

Recycle City

Brought to you by the EPA, Recycle City allows students to see how people within it reduce waste, use less energy, and save money with simple actions at home, work and in their community.

Energy Kids

Use this website as a guide for environmental lessons and then let students test their knowledge with the various games available, such as online crossword and word search puzzles.

Michigan Water Stewardship Program

Students can access four different online games that teach them about water. Down the Drain You GO takes students on a drain adventure, allowing them to decide what they want to put down their drain. Their partner, “Squeaky” tells them why certain items might be harmful if put down the drain.

Where on Earth

This online game is simple: students become geographical detectives, and must determine where a variety of different aerial photos were taken. Once a photo is clicked, students are asked a series of questions to answer based on the photo. A link on the page allows them to check their answers.

e-learning for Kids Planets

Students are tasked with exploring the planets in the newest space vehicle and they must report back to the Planetary Agency with what they found and saw. As they go through the game, they learn about the solar system and planets.

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15 Online Games to Learn About the Planet

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