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6 Photography Apps and Ideas for the Classroom

6 Photography Apps and Ideas for the Classroom

By Lauren Steinmann

A picture is worth a thousand words—especially in the classroom.

As a Digital Learning Coach, I work with teachers who are constantly trying to make learning more authentic and real: How can we take what is happening in the classroom and create dynamic evidence of learning and understanding?august_cut paper logs

The answer may be simpler than you think: Photography.

Teachers and students are displaying knowledge and connections on a daily basis. When students document that process, it shows real-life learning. But don’t just take photos and stop there. Use some of my favorite photography apps to create an authentic learning experience the classroom.

1. PicCollage (Free)

Google Play & Apple Store

This is my favorite ‘go-to’ app for projects and showing understanding. Piccollage has applications across all subject areas, and students can change backgrounds, add and manipulate multiple photos, drop in stickers, and label with text.

Classroom Ideas

Have students…

  • Document each step of a science experiment
  • Make a digital “scrapbook” of a famous person’s life
  • Create an “All About Me” poster, or photo journal a field trip.

2. ChatterPix Kids (Free)

Apple Store

ChatterPix brings your students’ photography to life with their own voice. Students drop in pictures and modify them with filters, stickers, text and frames. Then they draw a line to create a mouth and record themselves talking. The picture can be played back with a moving mouth and voice.

photog in the classroomClassroom Ideas

Have students…

  • Write a book summary and record it from a character’s perspective
  • Make a biography about someone famous
  • Do a personal reflection on an experiment.

3. PhotoGrid (Free)

Google Play & Apple Store

PhotoGrid is a quick and simple way for students to take multiple photos and create a grid. The app has many functions such as filters, stickers, borders and text.

Classroom Ideas

Have students…

  • Document the steps of solving a math problem with manipulatives
  • Photograph examples of plant life around school and label them in the grid
  • Make a collage of their favorite books

4. Skitch (Free)

Apple Store

Skitch is a photography app by the creators of Evernote that allows for easy labeling of photos. It has multiple color and text styles as well as icons and arrows.

Classroom Ideas

Have students…

  • Label the parts of a dissection experiment
  • Label text elements in a book
  • Label the features of an iPad to demonstrate understanding!

5. Phoster ($1.99)

Apple Store

Phoster allows students to create posters and collages with high-quality, pre-made designs.

Classroom Ideas

Have students…

  • Create dynamic digital storytelling pages
  • Illustrate famous quotes with photos
  • Show a problem solving sequence
  • Advertise a favorite novel

6. Flipagram (Free)

Google Play & Apple Store

Flipagram allows students to display a number of photos in one project. Students can order the photos, record a voice-over, add text, and even use free 30-second clips of popular songs to produce dynamic slideshows.

Classroom Ideas

Have students…

  • Reenact a scene from history or literature and create a narrated slideshow
  • Produce the weekly class ‘news’ in pictures
  • Make a memory slideshow from a class trip

As with any app, preview the ones you like beforehand to ensure that they’re appropriate for your students. Photography in the classroom can be far-reaching in scope and helps bring the real world into any content area.

What are your favorite photography apps and ideas? Comment below!

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