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15 Surprisingly Awesome Websites Every Student Will Love

15 Surprisingly Awesome Websites Every Student Will Love

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

Kid-friendly websites are a great way to engage students, whether you’re working with one computer or a room full of iPads. These fifteen are not only educational; they’re a blast to use. Give students a list to choose from at an activity station or assign specific ones depending on the lesson or project.

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Students can listen to the most popular music in more than 15 countries, from every decade between 1900 and now.

This website is perfect for the beginning of the year or quarter. Students can write their future selves an email that will be delivered on the date of their choosing to a specific email address. You can have them sent to yours and then let each student read their own individually when they come in.

Students use Challenge Mode or Single Player to guess the location of a photo from Google Maps. They get points based on how close their guess was and continue for as long as they want.

Students zoom in and out of a sky full of stars to see the names of different constellations and stars, and how far away they are from us. Take the “tour” to see awesome facts about space come to life.

This website posts pictures from the past in the present—challenge students to do the same and create your own blog post or website of the class’s photos. This is a fun activity to talk about family history, ancestry and more.

Visit this website to see how many people are in space at any given moment, and then read the bios to find out where the astronauts are from, what they’re doing, how long they’ve been in space, and more.

Space Jam website

This website has not been redone since it was made in the 1990’s and your students that have been raised in the digital age will not believe what it looks like. This is a great lesson starter for a computer tech or coding class.

Mt. Everest in 3D

Take your students to the top of Mt. Everest without ever leaving the classroom. This awesome website from the Discovery channel will have your students in awe from start to finish.

Show your students how the world has changed over the course of three decades via aerial photos. You’ll look at specific regions such as The Amazon or Las Vegas, or search for your town or state so students can identify better with what they’re seeing.


Give students a chance to learn more about themselves for an autobiography project with this awesome app. While it’s made for the workplace, some of the personality quizzes could be easily translated in the classroom.


This is the website for the Digital Public Library of America and its filled with primary sources for students to learn about American history. Students will love seeing original copies of important documents and photos.

Think: kid-friendly versions of current news stories. Use this website as your primary website for students’ weekly or monthly current event assignments.

This website provides students with an understanding of cross-cultural etiquette. Students can see what various countries expect in the classroom—class rules and socializing—in addition to discovering the accepted greetings, gestures, gender roles, taboos, and more.


Students will learn about sustainability, energy and weather and climate with these fun games, including word scrambles, bingo and trivia.

Bring the periodic table to life with this awesome digital version. Click on an element to see photos, facts and more.

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