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Teacher GIFs: 10 Faces You’re Are All Too Familiar With

Teacher GIFs: 10 Faces You’re Are All Too Familiar With

By Jessica Sanders

These teacher GIFs need no introduction. Enjoy.


The “Yeah, no, I definitely don’t have favorites,” face.



The “Did you really just ask that question?” face.



The “It’s Friday!” face (and dance).



The “I’m so prepared and organized for this week,” face.


Blog ad_June_darker lexile_cropped


The “Good for you, you got the whole class laughing and now no one is listening,” face.



The “Eh, I’m in a good mood today, I don’t care,” face.



The “Wait, there’s another test we have to prepare students for?” face.



The “I’m so ready for the first day of school!” face.



The “Do I really need to explain this again?” face.



The “Oh your dog ate your homework, huh?” face.



The “We have a 3-day weekend?!” face.



The “Sure, I can hold my pee for another hour,” face.



The “I can totally make it through this da…” face.



The “Your parents said what?” face.



The “I don’t even care—I still love my job!” face.

A happy teacher GIF would best describe how great our free Whooo’s Reading tool is.

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