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10 Best Tools for Digital Quizzes

10 Best Tools for Digital Quizzes


It’s time for a pop quiz! Few words have caused more stress in the minds of students. Quizzes, whether scheduled or sprung on students at the last minute, provide a convenient way to assess learning.

However, traditional quizzes have some downsides, namely that:

  • They require a lot of paper.
  • They can also take a lot of time to grade.

Enter digital quizzes. Not only does creating and administering quizzes digitally save paper, taking your tests online also allows students to take quizzes from virtually anywhere. Even better, many digital quiz programs will grade the quizzes and record the results, saving your valuable time.


TestRoom, from, allows teachers to create quizzes using their own questions or questions sourced from’s question bank. Teachers can then schedule tests and e-mail students or share a public link. The program automatically grades multiple-choice questions and makes it easy to review and assign a grade to fill-in-the-blank and open-ended responses. A subscription is required to use TestRoom.


Typeform offers a platform for creating visually appealing, interactive quizzes. This is ideal if you want a quiz that really pops. Add multiple choice questions, dropdown answers, rating scales, and question groups. A free plan allows 100 responses/month. A paid plan provides unlimited responses.


Flexiquiz provides a simple quiz creation platform with options for single choice, multiple select, picture choice, fill in the blank, and matching text questions. You can add images and videos to questions, as well as set the amount of points a question is worth. A free account limits the number of quizzes you can create, as well as the number of questions and responses for each quiz.

Google Forms

Google Forms can be used to create tests and quizzes with multiple choice questions, checkboxes, grids, and dropdown responses. You can also add images to questions. To administer the quiz, add it to your Google Classroom, e-mail or share the link with students, or embed it right on your class website. Best of all, it’s completely free.


Mentimeter uses interactive slideshow presentations to assess student knowledge. Create a slideshow with multiple choice, image choice, or open-ended responses. Students can then respond to the questions via their phones, tablets, or another computer. This option is designed for real-time use and works best with informal quizzes. A paid subscription allows you to create unlimited presentations of any size.

Easy Test Maker

Easy Test Maker provides options for creating multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, true/false, and short answer questions. With the free option, you can create up to 25 tests. All tests can be automatically graded, and you can also create multiple versions of a test. If you decide to administer a test or quiz offline, you can download what you create as a Word or PDF file.

Class Marker

Class Marker is unique in that it allows you to select fixed or random questions for each test. For example, if you create a question bank of 20 questions, you can choose to randomly assign 5 to 10 of those questions when a student takes the test. You can also mix fixed and random questions. Share quizzes with students via link or place in them in groups for sharing. You can give 100 tests (each taker counts as a test) per month for free.


Edcite’s platform is a bit confusing, but that’s only because the question styles it offers are advanced. With this digital quiz tool, you can create tech-enhanced questions (choosing from nearly 60 different types), similar to what are found on state exams, and add them to quizzes for students. Write your own content or find questions in the Edcite question bank.


QuizStar is a free tool that’s part of the 4Teachers collections. Simply set up a class, create a quiz, administer the quiz, and review the results. Students must create separate accounts and log in to the class to view and take the quizzes. It’s a simple, but effective platform.

Online Quiz Creator

Online Quiz Creator, from Easy LMS, offers a free plan that allows users to create unlimited quizzes with multiple choice, free text, and fill in the blank questions, but quizzes are limited to 15 questions each and users can only have 100 plays/month. Quizzes are designed to play more like games with a leaderboard displayed for each quiz to encourage students to perform their best.

Bonus: Whooo’s Reading

Few tools can grade quizzes the way Whooo’s Reading does. Thanks to millions of data points and a machine learning algorithm, Whooo’s Reading grades open-ended, higher-level thinking questions about the books students are reading. This allows you to challenge your students without doing the extra work of grading all their answers. When you do have time, you can go in and add personal feedback and notes for the students.

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10 Best Tools for Digital Quizzes

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