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17 Awesome Ways to Use Posterini in Your Classroom

17 Awesome Ways to Use Posterini in Your Classroom

By Jim Johnson

boring reading is a leading creative learning tool for schools and academic institutions.

It’s the only tool of its kind, bringing together two key features: design and brainstorming.

In addition to giving teachers and students a platform for making posters, it makes brainstorming more creative and fun.

See how one group of students used this tool, and then consider the many ways you can too!

For Teachers

Teachers can use Posterini to design almost any type of poster. Use this web tool to:

  • To announce school activities and courses.
  • To design awards and diplomas.
  • To summarize key points of specific lectures.
  • To present the key topics of the next class.
  • To stimulate students curiosity about specific classes and areas of study.
  • To quickly create graphical content, shared through social media.
  • To present and advertise school events.
  • To share motivational messages around the classroom.

For Students

Posterini allows students to flex their creative muscles in a variety of ways, including:

  • To present a report in visually.
  • To present the results of a school assignment.
  • To synthesize and share knowledge with peers.
  • To express creativity, combining typography and visuals.
  • To celebrate an academic or sport achievement.
  • To simplify a complex concept.
  • To congratulate other students or teachers.
  • To promote an event they’re organizing.
  • To present the results of a brainstorming process.

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3 Ways to Take it a Step Further

1. Have students create a poster, and then change the background to be the cinema, an art gallery, a jungle, etc. Students will love seeing what their poster will look like in different locations. This is especially fun if they’re creating a specific product, like a movie poster or art piece.

2. Use the brainstorming module of Posterini, which allows students to generate innovative ideas, blending their current knowledge with guided randomness that stimulates their capacity to link and connect unrelated items; this is a skill that can be used in all their activities in the classroom.

Note: The brainstorming module includes both automatic and manual modes. Learn more about this feature here.

3. Encourage students to make the most of group projects with remote collaboration, which is an add-on feature. This allows students and teachers to work on the poster or brainstorming plan without being in the same room. This is great for flipped and blended classrooms.

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Getting Started

Before having students design first poster, remind them that a good poster…:

  • Attracts the audience’s attention.
  • Is easy to read from a distance.
  • Is well organized and easy to understand.
  • Is free of unnecessary detail.
  • Makes complex information easy to digest and process.
  • Is visually appealing and easy to share.

The 411 on Posterini Features

Posterini makes learning fun and engaging, allowing students and teachers to combine typography with images and shapes.

  • Posterini is easy to use, providing a variety of templates that allow you or your students to kickstart a poster project in seconds. Posterini quick templates include magazine covers, film and movie posters, business posters, celebration and congratulation posters, event posters, holiday posters, course posters, school assignment posters, diplomas, charts, etc.
  • You can export your designs as an image that can be shared via email and social media. Each design gets assigned a unique web page that can be shared easily with others as well.
  • Posterini is a web platform that works on the cloud. This means that you don’t have to install anything to use it. Simply go to and start enjoying the service. You can log in and create from most devices, desktop, laptop, tablets and phones.

Posters bring together the best that text and visuals can offer and Posterini is the only poster maker that adds brainstorming and ideation capabilities to provide an all around powerful tool for creative learning.

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17 Ways to Use Posterini in the Classroom

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