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9 Websites to Find Free Audio Books for the Classroom

9 Websites to Find Free Audio Books for the Classroom

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

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While some students can’t get their nose out of books, others need another format that will engage and entice them.

Audio books offer kids the opportunity to learn and improve reading comprehension in a way that may seem less intimidating and scary.

Here are some of the best ones that offer a range of books for different ages and interests.


This is a great website for younger students. Here, students can find original and classic stories, poems, myths and fairytales that are coupled with unique imagery. Each story includes an audio and written version, so readers can go back and re-read their favorite parts, rather than finding it in the recording.

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Loyal Books

With the tagline, “Books Should Be Free Is Now,” this website is here to provide classic literature in audio form. Students can choose from 100’s of titles, including Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty, Tom Sawyer and more.

Storyline Online

The free audio books on this website vary from classics, like The Kissing Hand, to lesser-known titles that are just as endearing and exciting. The best part, these aren’t just audio books—each story is read by people, some of which are celebrities, which is more engaging than just listening for some students. For example, Kevin Costner reads Catching the Moon.

Aesop Fables

This website, which is a little less user-friendly than the others, still offers a small collection of free audio “books”—fables. While not every fable can be listened to, there are enough audio options to keep little ones interested.

Audio Book Cloud

The children’s section of this site offers a variety of stories old, new, fun, serious, fiction and non-fiction. Students will especially love the entire Mary Poppins series. There is a cost, but you can test it for free to start.

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Audiobook Treasury

This small collection of free audio books features some of the most well-known stories, including Peter Pan and Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Each book is easy to access, with the recording just one click from the home page, allowing younger students to accessing them easily.

Kara’s Free Audiobooks

This website is different from most—it’s simply a collection of podcasts in which Kara reads books aloud. Each podcast is a chapter, so little ones may need help finding the start of each story. Each chapter is numbered, so look for “01” to find the start of a new book.


This collection of free audio books offers a wide variety of classics like Phantom of the Opera. Each one is played from the main home page, making it easy to access. Most of the titles are likely best suited for students ages 10 and older.


With more than 10,000 free audio books for students, this is a collection you want to have access to. Just the first 30 days are free, but it’s only $4.99 a month afterward. Choose books with categories such as age range, “Female Lead” and “Award Winners.”

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9 Websites to Find Free Audio Books for the Classroom

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