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12 Perfect Apps for the Busy Teacher

12 Perfect Apps for the Busy Teacher

By Whooo’s Reading Blog Team

You’re a busy teacher—all the time, whether it’s fall, winter, spring or summer. If you feel in over your head, like you can’t possibly reach the end of your to-do list, you’re in luck. These apps, for both web and mobile, will make it easier to get more done in less time—an art form you’ve been trying to master since day one.


Make plagiarism checking easier and faster with Unplag, which allows you to check up to five papers at the same time. It also comes with a secure, private file manager and checks against the web and your own document library. Starting at just $5 a month, it’s affordable too. 


There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your to-do list. But it’s no fun when you have to go to different calendars and apps to access your various to-do lists. With this iOS and Mac app, you can bring them all together, making it easier to manage work and life all in one place.


Lesson planning takes time, organization, and regular modifications. Planboard makes this necessary process seamless and easier than ever before. With all your information available wherever there’s an Internet connection, you can plan whenever a moment becomes available. The layout, color-coding and integrations will also save you loads of time, making it one of the best apps for busy teachers. 

Whooo’s Reading

Do you spend too much time asking students to complete their independent reading? Are paper-reading logs weighing you down? Whooo’s Reading will fix both of these problems, allowing you to track and motivate independent reading in a fraction of the time.

Whooo’s Reading is available to teachers for $15/month; schools can also purchase a school-wide subscription. Request pricing and a free web demo here.

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It’s impossible to keep track of all the people you meet at conferences, in Twitter chats and more—until now. The iOS app Humin wants to humanize the process of saving contact information and connecting with other people online. One cool feature: you can browse contacts in a certain location, so if you’re heading to a conference out of town, you can immediately see a list of friends or acquaintances that live in that area.

No Red Ink

Help your students help themselves by signing up for this free web app. No Red Ink not only provides students with real-time grammar tutorials and help, but allows you to track Common Core mastery. Their color-coded grading heat map gives you a quick view at who is progressing and who is struggling—definitely busy-teacher approved.


Essays are arguably the most time-consuming assignments to grade. Save time by requiring students to submit their papers online and then use iAnnotate to grade them. With it, you can mark up and share any PDF, DOC and PPT. As an iOS app, you can now grade anywhere and say goodbye to your heavy tote bag of essay papers forever.


Grading likely takes up most of your time during the week, and with Flubaroo you can reduce the amount of time you spend grading to nearly zero. Created by a teacher, this Google Add-On (not an app!), can compute average assignment score, flags low-scoring questions and more. Flubaroo was created by a busy teacher like you, so you’re practically guaranteed to love it.

Teacher Assistant Pro

Keep all student behavior information in one easy-to-access place with this mobile app. The best part: from within the app you can email or text message parents and other teachers or print behavior reports.

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Focus Booster

It’s difficult to get through lesson planning and grading on the weekend with so many distractions around—what should take a few hours ends up taking the whole day. With this app, available on mobile and desktop, you set the amount of time you want to work on a specific task, and hit play—the app tracks the time for you and there’s no pause button available. You’ll be amazed at how well you stay on track.

Go Conqr

Create a Go Conqr “learning community” for your classroom, and use it to quickly and easily share online quizzes, flashcards and other important resources. If you don’t have time to search for articles and websites yourself, tap into their library of 3 million learning resources.


This awesome app turns your phone into the command center you always wished it was. Connect all the apps you use most often and build workflows, dragging each app you need to use into the appropriate spot of the workflow. Their library of 150 pre-made workflows is a great place for busy teachers to start saving time.

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