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15 Classroom Apps That Are Just Plain Fun

15 Classroom Apps That Are Just Plain Fun

By Jessica Sanders

When talking about apps in the classroom, the focus is always on education—as it should be.

However, there are many apps that also encourage students to get creative, play around, and have fun.

Keep these apps in your toolbox for a rainy day, or a time when you want to reward students for doing well on a test or behaving well.

Remember, just like you, sometimes kids just want to have fun—and don’t worry, they’ll learn important skills along the way!

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Heads Up

This app, designed by teacher-supporter, Ellen DeGeneres, gives students a chance to show what they know with sounds and movements. Students can play together in groups or as a class against you.

Teacher Sounds 

Liven up the classroom with buzzers, drumrolls, applause, and much more. These sounds will make special lessons so much more fun.

Petting Zoo

Students will giggle with delight as they “pet” virtual animals in this “petting zoo.” Don’t forget to watch as the animals react, which is adorable and funny.


If you’re in an apple school or 1:1 iPad classroom, you already have access to this fun app that allows students to get creative making their own music.

Little Red Riding Hood

This “choose your own adventure” version of Little Red Riding Hood allows your students to put their own spin on the classic tale.

Sticky Notes

Students will be excited about taking notes and brainstorming for a project with this fun and simple app.


Let your students explore their inner Picasso with the MoMA app’s built-in drawing tools. Students can create collaboratively and share their finished pieces with others.


Students will have a blast making still photos talk with their own voice, using the voice-recording feature of FaceTalker.

Little Green Island

Students get their own island and, on each of the 18 levels, have to solve a different pollution problem. Fun songs, missions and graphics make this app fun game for all kids.


This app aims to be students’ first email, allowing them to connect with their peers and parents. Kids will be excited to have their own “email address” while learning important digital citizenship skills.

Wee You-Things

Students will learn about empathy and acceptance with this cute app, thanks to 24 quarky, yet relatable, characters that talk about what makes them different and special.

Toca Hair Salon Me

Students take a picture of themselves and then style their hair and choose crazy accessories in this app’s whacky and fun salon.

Magic Piano

Your students are encouraged to play all types of music from Mozart and Let It Go to Eye of the Tiger and Moonlight Sonata.

Lego Movie Maker

With this app, students bring Lego characters to life with their very own Lego movie. They can choose from a variety of soundtracks, texts, sound effects and more.

Toca Kitchen

Bring your students into the kitchen with this one-of-a-kind app, where they boil, stir-fry and bake for four hungry characters.

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15 Classroom Apps That Are Just FUN

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