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17 New Education Apps to Fall in Love With

17 New Education Apps to Fall in Love With

By Learn2Earn Blog Team

Make this the year you discover and test a different app every month! Get started with this awesome list of 17 new educationa apps you and your students will love. 


This awesome web app turns lessons into immersive experiences. With a wide variety of pre-made games to choose from, you simply run the game during class, monitor activity with your teacher dashboard, and use key highlights to discuss the game afterward. Games cover topics ranging from history and language arts to digital citizenship and life skills.

Need to know: Every game is categorized by grade-level and subject.  

Teacher Sounds

If you’re not a big tech-lover in your classroom, but want to add a little more fun class-wide quiz games, this is the app for you. Teacher Sounds can be accessed with your cell phone and is pre-loaded with a variety of sounds including buzzers, drum rolls, applause, and the classic theme music to be played while students are thinking about the answer to their question.

Need to know: It’s available on iOS for $.99.

Show Me 

This app allows you to write or audio record information and add images to be written on a virtual white board. Use it to save tutorials or lessons for absent students, or have students create their own white board tutorial for their peers, with the challenge of teaching them how to do something new.

Need to know: The free app comes with an unlimited lesson length!

WWF Together

Help students discover a whole new world of amazing animals. With the WWF Together app, students learn about elephants, whales, jaguars and more thanks to fun, interactive stories. Bring this into your classroom and you may just turn a few students into animal activists.

Need to know: The app has won a variety of awards and was named one of the top iPad apps of 2013.

Whooo’s Reading

This web app helps teachers hold students accountable for their independent reading and motivates them to read more with gamification and social features. Use their data dashboard to track progress and don’t forget to set goals for reading and comprehension responses.

Need to know: Whooo’s Reading is available to teachers for $15, or schools for $3-$8 per student.  

Running Record Calculator

Test literacy quickly and easily with this free, iOS app. With the standard running record calculator and stopwatch functions, you’ll be able to test as you normally do, with the addition of audio playback. After the recording you’ll see reading rate, percentage of accuracy and self-correction ratio.

Need to know: You can flag difficult sections for easy reference later.


This personalized math app delivers grade-level games to students. Using adaptive technology, the games are able to mimic one-on-one interactions students would normally have with the teacher. Gamified features make it exciting for kids, and real-time data make it valuable for teachers.

Need to know: You can check it out first with a free live demo and free trial.  


Students use apps like Instagram to edit and share photos all the time. Harness this interest in the classroom by allowing students to use their photos to tell their own story. With PixnTell, students add images and record the story of their photos for a custom video they can share with their peers and parents. Have students go around the school to take photos and create a specific story.

Need to know: You can only have 70 photos with the free version; the upgrade is just $.99.  

Visible Body

This anatomy app, made just for kids, helps students learn facts about the human body and its systems with interactive tours, quizzes and videos.

Need to know: Students can virtually dissect the body with their mouse!  

Shake a Phrase 

Let students get hands-on with their iOS devices with Shake a Phrase. Students can shake their device to: get a random sentence—usually something silly—that helps them discover new words or a story starter.

Need to know: The app comes with quizzes as well, allowing you to test students’ knowledge of verbs, nouns, adjectives and more.  

Spider Scribe

This web app allows students to create mind maps—but not just regular mind maps. With Spider Scribe they can connect images, documents, excel spreadsheets, calendar events and geographic locations. This is a fun way to dissect the plotline or characters of a book, bringing fictional reading into the real world.

Need to know: The app can be used offline—no Wi-Fi, no problem.  

Mad Libs 

This classic fill-in-the-blank game is now available on iOS devices, allowing students so stretch their imaginations and vocabulary on the tech tools they love using. 

Need to know: The app uses a badge system to reward and further engage students.

Ripped Apart: A Civil War Mystery

This app, created by the Smithsonian, uses primary photographs and documents to take students through an inquiry-based mystery. Students have to solve puzzles to get clues and resources they need to solve the mystery.

Need to know: The app is only available on iOS and is free to download.

Touch Van Gogh

Give your students an immersive art history experience with this awesome app, developed by the Van Gogh Musem. Students will explore and learn about six specific paintings, where they were painted, what they were painted on, and more.

Need to know: Touch Van Gogh won Best App for Teaching and Learning in 2015 by the AASL.


Create a personalized reading and math path for students with ScootPad. Its adaptive algorithms and predictive analytics help ensure that your students are always being delivered with just the right content for them. Other features include behavior tracking, GRL ebooks and formative assessments.

Need to know: The app is for K-8 students.  


Do your students want to create their own video game? Now they can, with PixelPress, available on iOS. With the app, students can literally draw their own game and then share it with friends.

Need to know: You can access how-to videos to familiarize yourself with the tool before bringing it into the classroom.

Sphere – 350 degree Photography

Your students can explore the world with Sphere. They’ll be able to see Paris from a hot air balloon, ride a raft toward the Hubbard Glacier, and swim in a crowded school of fish. They’ll experience life like never before, doing things they may never have a chance to do otherwise.

Need to know: The app is available for free on iOS and Android.

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