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20 Teacher-Approved Ideas for Technology in the Classroom

20 Teacher-Approved Ideas for Technology in the Classroom

By Jessica Sanders

Bringing technology into your classroom may seem like a daunting task—What do I do first? How do I even use it? Use these 20 teacher-approved ideas if you want to use technology in the classroom, but aren’t sure where to start.

1. Teach effective questioning order with Mystery Skype (Blog.Learn2Earn)

2. Bring in a guest author with Skype (Blogs.Skype)

3. Encourage Project Based Learning with Instructables (Blog.learn2Earn)

4. Explore with augmented reality (Hongikat)

5. Highlight student successes with video interviews (Swivl)

6.Gauge student  understanding with live polling (Blog.Learn2Earn)

7. Promote creativity with ChatterPix (WeAreTeachers)

8. Improve reading comprehension with mind mapping (Blog.Learn2Earn)

9. Enhance flipped learning with EDpuzzle (EdTechReview)

10. Create classroom posters (students can help!) with Canva (Inside the Classroom, Outside the Box)

11. Get your students to want to read with Whooo’s Reading (Blog.Lean2Earn)

12. Use tool-based data to personalize learning (Educate1-to-1)

13. Record and publish student reading at the beginning, middle and end of the school year (Blog.LearningBird)

14. Challenge your students to write more with blogging (Blog.Learn2Earn)

15. Encourage non-fiction reading with Newsela (Coffee Cups & Lesson Plans)

16. Bring alternative book reports into your classroom (Blog.Learn2Earn)

17. Take students out of the classroom with Google Maps (Fractus Learning)

18. Promote real-life learning with photography apps (Blog.Learn2Earn)

19. Inspire innovation in your classroom using Twitter (EdTechDigest)

20. Let students explore their cooking passions with The CIA YouTube channel (Blog.Learn2Earn)

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