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20 Tools to Improve Classroom Organization

20 Tools to Improve Classroom Organization

By Jessica Sanders

Keeping your notes, lessons, grades and classroom all organized seems like a task that never ends. Luckily, there are many apps and tools that make this daunting job seem a bit more manageable.

Use the following apps to collect notes in one place, plan your lessons in less time, and connect with students on platforms they’re most familiar with.

For You

These apps make it easier than ever to plan, organize and access all of your classroom materials.


$8.99, Apple

Keep your calendar, lesson plans, notes and links for each class or period in one place: iDoceo. Within the platform, you can bump lessons forward, backward or lock them in at a specific date. You can also copy day plans, customize your calendar, generate student reports, and even record the classroom seating plan.



LearnBoost provides you with an online grade book, student data, a lesson planner and much more. But what makes it a great tool is the way these features work. The grade book automatically updates student information as you add new assignments and provides you with data to determine who’s excelling and who’s falling behind.

The lesson planner also makes it easier for you to organize your old and new ideas, while building awesome lessons with pre-populated, drop-down menus.



Evernote can be as complicated or simple as you’d like, but what makes it so great for classroom organization is that it’s available anywhere you have an Internet connection. Not to mention you can add audio and images, and create notebooks that make it easy to organize notes for different classes and topics.

Simply Circle


Toss out your address book and use circles instead. With Simply Circle, you can organize all of the people you communicate with in one place. For example, you could have an announcements circle for your parents, an events circle with your co-workers and a volunteer circle with your classroom helpers. Just add their email addresses and send messages as necessary.

YouTube Playlists


YouTube has a wealth of amazing educational content for you and your students. Create an account and build playlists. This allows you to organize video content for yourself, lessons, classes, etc.

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Educational technology is evolving at a faster pace than most of us can keep up with, not to mention, new education standards and requirements seem to change every other month. Use Pocket to keep all the articles you want to read (to keep up with the latest information!) close by. You can view your Pocket content on any device with Internet, making it easy to catch up on reading while waiting for your doctor or sitting at lunch.



Pinterest is an obvious place to organize your ideas for classroom design, lesson planning and more, but you can also use it to organize classroom management resources with private boards. Trying new tools this week? Create a private “Classroom Tools” board, where you keep links to every tool you plan to use—if there’s a snag in the lesson or you need to check on something, you can go right to your private board to get the link.

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Scholastic Classroom Ideas to Go


Search Scholastic’s database of more than 1,200 hands-on ideas for the classroom, and then save all your favorites in your Scholastic account. With categories for subject, grade level and type of activity (active, quiet, games), you’ll be able to build and organize the perfect lesson in less time.


Free, up to 2GB of storage

“As teachers, we often create handouts and other files to share with students. But now we can share a folder from Dropbox, and give the link to our students. No more copying papers, or having a student tell you he or she lost the paper you gave them. You can also scan work for APAs, and share the link with those who need access to the files.

Students themselves can create folders to share with teachers, whether this contains work from the current class or work being submitted to a future teacher. During parent-teacher conferences, teachers can pull up any given document, and even share with parents. Now, anywhere a student is, he or she has access to all the classroom files and resources.” – Michelle Cheasty, NJ school Tech Director and FETC speaker, 4 Essential Organization Apps for Your Classroom

Teacher Aid Pro

Free, Android

This app takes the pain out of recording attendance and keeping track of messy paperwork. With Teacher Aid Pro, you can track attendance, grades and progress reports, all in one place. You can also add your seating chart and notes, and use the “random student picker” during lessons. (This app is only for Android, but you can use Teacher Assistant Pro for Apple products.)

For You and Your Students

Keep your students’ homework organized and follow their progress with a few robust, yet simple, tools and apps.

Whooo’s Reading


Track your students’ reading progress and comprehension responses all in one place. With a full data dashboard and “In Tray,” where students’ reading responses collect, it’s easy to log in, see who has read and who may be falling behind, all while scoring their responses.


Free, up to 50MB of storage

Say goodbye to saving stacks of documents and worksheets for students who lose them or are out sick. Instead, use this app to give students the lesson notes and resources that you’ve created, in a digital format.

Pair your voice-recorded directions with photos, documents, maps and more to create interactive student documents. Note that this app only works with Apple products.

Decide Now!

$.99, Apple and Android

Classroom organization isn’t always physical. Sometimes making a simple decision can throw your classroom out of whack, and lead to incessant talking between students.

If your class can’t be democratic or efficient about a decision, use this “decision wheel” app to make the decision for them. Choose from 10 predefined wheel templates, create an unlimited amount of your own templates, and customize the wheel with different colors.



I started by sharing a few simple pictures of things like the homework board, reminders and long term assignments. I would post the homework board, vocabulary unit and writer’s notebook at the beginning of the week, and students would favorite (to save) or share the post as a reminder.

Note how easy it is for the students to see the picture then to open a separate file and read a reminder. Simply put, Instagram has become a faster, more efficient method of getting work out to students, with an added perk that photos are time stamped so they stay organized for me.” – Nicole Long, Secondary Language Arts teacher, Instagram for the Classroom



Create a classroom hashtag—or one for every subject or one for particular days—and have students respond to class discussions using that hashtag. This makes it easy for you to see everyone’s responses in one place; it also gives your students a chance to learn a new skillset: writing a complete answer with 140 characters or less, a concept that is stressed by a 2nd grade CCSS reading anchor.

More: How Twitter Transformed My Classroom Forever

Google Docs


It seems as though Google Docs is on every list of edtech tools—and that may be the case, but for good reason—Google Docs makes your life easier. Use this as a way to gather your lesson notes or have students write all their papers within this platform, so you don’t have to collect and keep track of a messy pile of completed homework. This also allows you to grade on the go; now you can tackle work whenever a free moment arises.



This tool can make your classroom’s use of technology seamless and simple. It securely connects to your Student Information System (SIS) and allows for both push and pull syncing if changes are made to your class or school roster. The platform also hosts a large app gallery, where you may be able to find some of your favorite apps. Using them within this program allows you and your students to access important tools quickly and easily.



Keep classroom discussions in one, easy-to-find place, using Edmodo. Not only does this give quiet students a chance to speak up (online rather than in front of all of their peers), but you can easily return to that discussion at any time to see who participated, where you may need to elaborate on the lesson and more.

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Free, Apple

With InClass, you create an agenda and students access it from the app. They can also share this agenda with their parents and other teachers as well. As a teacher, this gives you an easy way to share notes and handouts for each particular lesson, allowing students organized access to everything they need.

This app is especially valuable for students who are out sick; now they can access everything from their missed day in one place.



This “suite of learning management tools” makes it easy to organize almost everything you need for student assignments. Create, edit, sort, and view homework assignments within your learning binder dashboard, and add them to the built-in calendar. Afterward you can share these resources and documents with your students through the platform.

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