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2016 Teacher Tools: Stoodle

2016 Teacher Tools: Stoodle

By Julie Smith

What Is It: Stoodle is an easy to use digital tool that allows you to create an online collaboration board, no sign-in required. Head to the website, click “Launch a Classroom” and share the URL of your collaboration board with your students.

How I Use It: I love using this tool to have students hop on individual pages and practice whatever skill they’re working on. Stoodle allows you to make a different page for each student in your class.

Of course students can collaborate on the same page but we all know that “too many cooks in the kitchen” can make things confusing. Therefore, if each child has a separate work area, they can show their thinking and then click on the other pages to see their classmates’ thinking.

The Bottom Line: The interface is intuitive and simple; even primary students can use this tool to enhance their learning experience.


Stoodle’s easy access on any browser or mobile device makes this digital tool perfect for an elementary classroom. The students and teacher can see others working in real time, drawing, typing, inserting images, and adding videos and shapes.

When you join a Stoodle board, you’ll be asked you to enter your name and specify whether you want to allow access to the microphone. If you allow the microphone, then anyone can hear you.

Using this feature in a classroom isn’t the best idea so I have the students click “don’t allow.” The microphone is better to use when collaborating from afar.

Fun fact: Two high school seniors and a college freshman created Stoodle. How cool is that?!

Check out the tutorial to see it in action.

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