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Mary-Grace: Wings of Fire: Winter Turning

Mary-Grace: Wings of Fire: Winter Turning

By Mary-Grace R., 6th grade, California

Wings of Fire Winter Turning
Book: Wings Of Fire Winter Turning
Prompt: Write a letter to the author of this book. In your letter describe a part of this book that could have been better. In this letter explain why you did not like this one part of the book. Be very clear so that the author will know exactly what you did not like about the book. For bonus, tell the author what he or she can do to make this part better.

So I wrote a little essay on Winter Turning to show how much I love this book. I would tell the author not to change anything because this book is perfect just the way it is.

Fire breathing dragons. Amazing enchanted worlds. Danger everywhere. These are but three things you will enjoy inWings of Fire Winter Turning by Tui T. Sutherland. In this book, 4 dragonet are on a quest to find the ‘Lost City of Night’ from Moon’s prophecy or else Jade Mountain Academy will to it’s doom beneath thunder and ice. I would recommend this book because of the Realistic characters, exciting plot, and it’s amazing point of view.

There are many main characters but I will just talk about one, Moonwatcher. Moonwatcher is a nightwing with purplish-black scales and scatter silver scales on the underside of her wings, like a night sky full of stars. Along with sliver scales by her eyes that look like teardrops. Moon is a special nightwing. She is shy but brave and cares about her friends with all her heart,(Even if Winter hates her.) Along with having powers no other nightwings have, mindreading and fortelling the future.

The plot was very exciting. The thing that left me one the edge of my seat was when Icicle, Winter‘s sister, almost tried to kill the 4 dragonet so. The reason she tried to kill them was because she was threatening to kill Kinkajou, one of the dragonets, Queen. Which made Kinkajou try and kill her. Another thing that left me on the edge of my seat, was whenWinter freed a frozen nightwing named Foeslayer, who was their ancient enemy. The reason he freed her was because Foeslayer lives 2 thousand years ago. So he thought she could help find the ‘Lost City of Night’.

Every book in the series was told from different point of view and this book was told from Winter‘s point of view. So from the way Winter sees the world in his stubborn way he thinks nobody will truly understand the way an icewing acts.
Wings of Fire is probably the greatest book series to me. Also there are 7 amazing books in the series, for now. I wish you all the power of Wings of Fire.

Moon’s Prophecy:
Beware the darkness of dragons,
Beware the stalker of dreams,
Beware the talons of power and fire,
Beware the one who is not what she seems.

Something is coming to shake the earth,
Something is coming to scorch the ground.
Jade Mountain will fall beneath thunder and ice
Unless the Lost City of Night can be found.

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