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5 Apps for Students with Reading Disabilities

5 Apps for Students with Reading Disabilities

By Samantha Kotey

The written word is the most powerful and informative medium we’ve ever created. Words can survive millennia and transmit to us the wisdom, thoughts and emotions of ages past. This makes it all the more painful when you realize that students are struggling with reading.

By the time you’ve read the above paragraph, one such student may have only finished reading the first sentence.

These struggling readers need your help and encouragement. Luckily, help is easier to give than ever before thanks to the variety of apps for students with reading disabilities. Here are five you and your students will love.

AppWriter US

Thanks to an integrated PDF reader that can recognize OCR-compatible files, AppWriter US has the capability to contextually predict word input. This helps the students with the sentence structure and reduces the number of errors.

All text in this app is presented through the specially designed Dyslexie font, which helps your students easily distinguish between individual letters. You can create separate cloud-based user profiles in this app, along with easy document exporting and management functions for each.

Reading Trainer

Reader Trainer is used to increase the reading speed of both the reading-impaired and the casual readers. This app boasts over 140 percent reading speed increase over a 10-day usage period. Not only that, but text comprehension and retention improves as well.

The app is programmed to assess and track each student’s progress, adapting itself to the individual needs and habits of that person. Vision flexibility also improves with the Reading Trainer, which makes it a well-rounded reading tool.

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This is a professional app for scanning, viewing and cleaning images, either those taken on the spot or imported from an external source. Prizmo is fully compatible with all Apple products and allows you and your students to work seamlessly across any number of connected devices.

The extremely accurate OCR module is completely self-contained, can work without an Internet connection, and recognizes characters from 40 languages. Text-to-speech voices are available as a separate in-app purchase.

Typ-O HD

This app’s purpose is eliminating typos and grammatical errors in real time. Typ-O HD recognizes the most common speech patterns and phrases and can correctly guess which word is about to be used.

Optimized for iPhone 5 and requiring iOS 7 or newer, Typ-O HD can also be set to suggest only words and phrases related to a certain topic, such as sociology, physics and biology.

Spell Better

This “tutoring” app uses a variety of methods to encourage and entertain above anything else. Easy to use, accessible, and with a color-coded keyboard, Spell Better is by far the best app for those with impaired reading and spelling capabilities.

One of its features includes the intelligent analysis of the phonetic structure of the typed word to correctly guess the intended meaning. For example, “pikshurs” is corrected and automatically replaced with “pictures,” missing vowels are added, unnecessary letters are removed and even the inter-punctuation is set straight.

Bonus: Whooo’s Reading

This reading motivation tool is much more than it seems. At the most basic, it allows students to log reading and answer CCSS-aligned comprehension questions to earn Wisdom Coins that are then “spent” in the Owl Shop. This gamification motivates them to read more every single day. Recent improvements to the tool include text-to-speech, in which the comprehension questions can be spoken out loud and students can speak their answer back into the platform. The best part: the audio is automtically made into text, so teachers, reading specialists and librarians won’t need to listen to hours of audio.

Teachers can sign up for a class account for $15/month, with a 2-month free trial. Schools can also purchase on a subscription basis, providing Premium to every student for a set price.

For more app lists, visit AvatarGeneration.


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