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9 Ways to Boost Summer Learning With Technology

9 Ways to Boost Summer Learning With Technology

By Latoya James

Before you start daydreaming about long walks on the beach or reading poolside, remember that learning shouldn’t cease with the end of the school year.

A whopping 66 percent of educators report that they spend at least a month re-teaching students old material when they return from summer vacation, according to the National Summer Learning Association. The culprit: summer learning loss.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, children experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer.

The solution: share a variety of learning activities with your students and their families to keep their minds active when school isn’t in session.

Whether they’re diving into one of their favorite novels or conducting an experiment on chromatography, the following activities are guaranteed to keep children learning all summer long.


Making emphasizes learning through doing, and engages children in a wide spectrum of activities from traditional hobbies and crafts to robotics and 3-D printing. It also inspires creativity, fun and self-fulfillment.

– The Tech Tool: Use PicPlayPost to encourage students to make their own movies.

Educational Gaming

Help your students make the most of their screen time this summer by introducing them to fun games and apps that also stimulate their minds.

– The Tech Tool: Choose from this comprehensive list of 25 educational apps that promote STEM learning, creativity, financial literacy and more. 


Encourage students to venture into their community to visit museums, historical landmarks or the local zoo. By exploring, children learn through their own discoveries and experiences.

– The Tech Tool: Empower your students to find and visit local museums throughout the summer with MuseumFinder.


Research has proven that reading five or more books over the summer prevents learning loss. Encourage students to join a summer reading program to develop good reading habits, deepen comprehension and improve their reading skills.

– The Tech Tool: Sign up for Whooo’s Reading to motivate your students to read all summer. 


Through gardening, children can discover the science of plants, animals, weather and the environment and about healthy eating. As they get their hands dirty, children will also have fun, play and develop self-confidence.

– The Tech Tool: Encourage students to learn more about the plants they’re working with using the Garden Plants Growing Guide app.

Learning About Entrepreneurship 

Summer vacation provides a great opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, which promotes goal setting, resilience, leadership and creativity. By running a lemonade stand or selling crafts, your students can also acquire valuable life skills.

– The Tech Tool: Share the Kids Money app with your students, which allows them to set savings goals and work toward them throughout the summer. 

Project-based Learning (PBL) 

PBL challenges children to tackle a real-world issue and requires them to create a solution. With PBL, students are encouraged to investigate and make their own discoveries from the project’s inception to its finish.

– The Tech Tool: Create a Summer Problem-Solving blog, and give your students a few real-world problems to work on throughout the summer. Get inspiration for the problems here. 


Physical fitness boosts brainpower in children. Keep your students moving this summer with fun outdoor games, which will not only keep them healthy, but also improve their ability to learn.

– The Tech Tool: Encourage students to make being active more fun with MotionMaze, which is powered by the user’s movements. 

STEM-based Learning

Indulge your students with an array of science, technology, engineering and math activities. Take a look at over 100 STEM tips, resources and activities that will help children discover new skills and interests as they learn and explore.

– The Tech Tool: Inspire students to sharpen their strategizing skills with Rush Hour.

Don’t allow your students to fall victim to the summer slide. These learning activities are a great way to engage children and boost summer learning!

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