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Allie: Grace

Allie: Grace

Allie P., 5th Grade, Ohio

Book: Grace (None)
Prompt: Imagine you had to power to make every kid in your grade across America read this book or you could erase every copy of this book in the world so that nobody could read it. There is no other option. Either every one or nobody reads this book. In your blog, explain why or why not you think this way. Convince us!

I love this book Grace it is wonderful! it is so cool I think boys and girls would love it! It even has a couple facts. I also watched the movie that goes with it called Grace stirs up success. It is a wonderful movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes adventure, fun, and determination! Oh and Paris too. It has facts and lots of fun and baking, dogs, and french words to. I love some of the things Grace does accomplish and it is WONDERFUL! If you are one of those people who love to read I recommend this book and movie! I mean who doesn’t like fun and adventure? If I had the power to make everyone read the book and watch the movie I totally would! It tells a couple facts in it such as:
1: The Eiffel tower almost became a giant heap of scrap metal but the antenna saved it.
2. the people who painted it used three different shades of brown and it took three tons of paint for each color!

Everyone would love the movie and book it just has so much fun in it! Grace even made a website so people at home could see what she is up too! love this book and movie you must read the book and watch the movie!

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