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Bella: Much Ado About Anne

Bella: Much Ado About Anne

Bella S., 5th Grade, Ohio

Read it or Weep!!
Book: Much Ado About Anne (The Mother-Daughter Book Club #2)
Prompt: Imagine you had to power to make every kid in your grade across America read this book or you could erase every copy of this book in the world so that nobody could read it. There is no other option. Either every one or nobody reads this book. In your blog, explain why or why not you think this way. Convince us!
This is the very best book in this series! This is when everything kind of comes together.

This book is an amazing book about friendship, and teamwork, and believe me, even 7th graders have problems! (And some of theirs are like ours!) So read it or weep!! The girls in this book are amazing and truly act as if it was a real problem, and not just a books problem. I like how every chapter is titled one of the girls names, so you can see everyone’s side, even if one side seems unfair. I also love how the author incorporated real books such as Anne of Green Gables. The books are full of action, sadness, and joy. The girls always seem to look for the bright side of things, even when things get bad, like really bad. Each girl seems to be different in each of their own ways, yet get along amazingly, well, for the most part. I really enjoyed that there was a common enemy that the girls were forced to work with. One thing I criticize is that I wish that the books were a little more action packed. If this was a burger, then it wouldn’t be oozing out juice. (not that I want it to be): You should totally read it! 5 stars!

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