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20 Best Google Education Resources for Teachers

20 Best Google Education Resources for Teachers

By Jessica Sanders

Google Classroom celebrated its first birthday on May 6, 2015. Since its inception, many teachers have turned to Classroom, along with the rest of Google’s tools to make classroom and document management seamless.

Check out these stats from Classroom’s first year (reported by EdSurge):

  • 70 million assignments have been created with Google Classroom
  • 40 million teachers use GAFE
  • 3 million teachers have downloaded the Google Classroom extension from the Chrome store
  • 500K-1 million teachers had downloaded Google Classroom extension from Google Play.

It’s safe to say Google has become a critical resource for tech-savvy teachers. If you’re new to Google for Education or want to learn more, turn to these articles. Written by educators and GAFE professionals, they provide expert insight, tips and advice for bringing Google into your classroom.

50 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers (TeachThought)

10 Things Every Teacher Should Know How to Do With Google Docs (Edudemic)

10 Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom (Blog.Learn2Earn)

26 Tips for Teacher With Google Apps (The Gooru)

5 Reasons You Should Be a Google Certified Teacher (MoreThanATech)

10 FREE Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers (elearningindustry)

6 Ways Teachers Can Use Google Hangouts (THE Journal)

reading too much? Whooos Reading

10 Google Classroom Routines That Work (Learning.ZahnerHistory)

10 Teacher Hacks for Google Apps (Blog.Learn2Earn)

Google Slides: How to Animate Items Together (AliceKeeler)

What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Google in the Classroom (DigitalChalk)

15 Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom (EducatorsTechnology)

Google Classroom: Setting Up Your Class (Joshn Sowash)

The #Google Hashtag Dictionary (ShakeUpLearning)

4 Google Apps to Share Lesson Plans (Learning.ZahnerHistory)

10 Google Tools to Make Your Life Easier (Blog.Learn2Earn)

60 Smarter Ways to Use Google Classroom (TeachThought)

20 Effective Ways to use Google Apps for Education (DailyGenius)

32 Tips for Using Google+ Hangouts in the Classroom (TeachThought)

Chromebooks for Education: A Complete Guide (Blog.Learn2Earn)

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