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13 Classroom Management Apps Every Teacher Needs

13 Classroom Management Apps Every Teacher Needs

By Jessica Sanders

Sometimes you have to know when you just can’t juggle it all. These classroom management apps allow you to be a better manager in all aspects of your work, from planning lessons to dealing with attendance data, so that you can get more done while being the best teacher you can be.

You’ll find apps in three categories: Manage class time, manage students, and manage workload. Add a few to your toolbox to get more done and manage your classroom without breaking a sweat.

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Manage Class Time

Get more done, in less time. 

Instant Classroom

Take the hassle out of creating seating charts, figuring out whom to call on and more with Instant Classroom. While these tasks seem small, taking them out of your routine will help you better manage other issues and make more important decisions.

Stick Pick

This app is as simple as it gets—download it for just $3.99 and take the tried and true popsicle stick method digital.

Easy Attendance Pro 

Taking, tracking, and managing attendance, and attendance-based data, is not the best use of your time. Manage this necessary classroom task with Easy Attendance Pro, which integrates all of these into one intuitive interface. 

Manage Students 

Engage students, assess understanding in real time, and more. 


This is one of the best classroom management apps available. A simple stoplight alerts students when it’s time to stop one activity and start another. Easy and effective.

Class Act Lite

This ipad app is simple: differentiate students by color so it’s easier for you to make quick decisions during class time, allowing you to manage the classroom with ease.

Calm Counter

Sometimes students don’t know how to express their feelings, causing a disruption in class. Better manage these students with Calm Counter, an app that helps them express what they’re feeling with audio and visual aids.


In a 1-to-1 classroom, Plickers, a formative assessment app, will be everything. Use it to quickly and easily check student understanding during a lesson. Class time is nearly uninterrupted and you still get the information you need.

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Manage Workload 

You can’t do it all… without these apps.


Some weeks, you just can’t manage to get lesson presentations done. Use Nearpod to download from a large selection of free and paid options, created by Common Core educators and publishers. With built-in assessment tools, you’ll be able to better manage your time after the presentation too.

Whooo’s Reading

Manage the amount of time you spend with paper reading logs and motivating students to complete their independent reading with Whooo’s Reading. This tool motivates students for you and collects all their information online, so you can say goodbye to lugging a stack of paper reading logs home every week.

Bonus: You can set goals and manage comprehension here too.

Super Duper Data Tracker

This app is almost as fun to use as its name insinuates. Use it to set goals for students, create groups, write notes for each class, and store data for an unlimited amount of lessons—all with one, simple app. 


While most classroom management apps focus on your students, this app focuses on you and what you need: a faster (yet still effective) means for grading. Engrade gives you that. Simply set the grading scale, create assignment categories, and let the tool work for you.

Classroom Ideas to Go

Classroom Ideas to Go, created by Scholastic, provides you with 1,200 hands-on ideas to use in your lessons, allowing you to focus on other important management details such as implementation, assignments and personalization.


Half the battle you face every day in managing your classroom is staying organized. Use Evernote to bring chaos to a hault. Create notebooks for each class or subject, making it easy to access or add information quickly. Use these educator tips to get started.

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13 Classroom Management Apps for Every Teacher

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