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CoCo: Smile!

CoCo: Smile!

By CoCo, 5th Grade, Maryland

Book: Smile (Baby Face Board Book, No 2)
Prompt: Imagine you had to power to make every kid in your grade across America read this book or you could erase every copy of this book in the world so that nobody could read it. There is no other option. Either every one or nobody reads this book. In your blog, explain why or why not you think this way. Convince us!

Dear readers, are you having trouble finding a good book to read?Are you tired of reading books that you absolutely don’t like?Well,if you do,you should read:Smile! Do you want to know why I recommend this book?Do you really want to know? Do you really really want to know? Okay,I’ll just tell you why. It’s because it is actually a true story about the author of the book: Raina Telgemeier when she was little, one night she was she was getting a ride on her friend’s mother’s car, and when they were racing to the front porch,Raina stumbled onto the ground and……oops! I did not just realize that I am probably spilling the whole story to you, by the way, if you want to find out what happened to Raina, go read the book and find out ,and please do, pretty please with a cherry on top? Anyway, we’ve came to the end of my blog,see ya! Wait! I just realized again that I forgot a few things, I also like the book because it does not have any gross or inappropriate,little kids could also read this book because it does not have much hard words in it,and the last reason why I like this book is because it is nice and neat. Okay, now we’ve came to the real end of our story.See ya!

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