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EdTech Teacher San Diego iPad Summit 2015 RoundUp

EdTech Teacher San Diego iPad Summit 2015 RoundUp

By Brandee Ramirez

There’s nothing better than stumbling upon a quaint boutique by the ocean, full of unique findings. Luckily, at the EdTech Teacher San Diego iPad Summit 2015 I found exactly that—a boutique of knowledgeable educators all gathered together for the love of learning, technology, education and all things iPad.

The EdTechTeacher iPad Summit San Diego took place February 9 to 11 at the San Diego Convention Center. The event featured new conference strands, session types and Pre-Conference Workshops plus inspiring keynotes by Alec Couros and Douglas Kain. Not to mention we were privy to a number of presentations about supporting student learning and iPad integration.

Learn more about our presentation (below) and see what up-and-coming EdTech companies were there.

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Our Presentation: Don’t Miss Your “App”ortunity

I presented alongside my colleague, Jessica Bodas. Our Session was called Don’t Miss Your “App”ortunity to Write in the 21st Century—Check it out below. Our 1-hour lab session explored and explained how multiple iPad apps can be used effectively with writing, the 4C’s, and Common Core State Standards.

You can see it at, too.

After sharing a few of our favorite apps that help to enhance writing and engage students, attendees were able to explore them, leaving the session ready to incorporate those apps into their writing instruction the next day.

The Final Word

For me, this was a fantastic educational boutique, set in unforgettable San Diego right on the ocean, which are just a few of the reasons that made one of the best “conferences” I’ve ever been to. I left with a number of findings and interesting ideas that I was able to bring directly to my students and teachers the very next day.

I couldn’t pick my favorite exhibitors—each and every one deserves a chance in the classroom—so I shared them all with you!

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Head to 10 Best Tech Tools for Your Classroom for more suggestions.

Make your life easier with our free teacher tool, Whooo’s Reading, too!

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