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Emily: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Emily: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Emily M., 4th Grade, Florida

The workers name calling
Book: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (By Roald Dahl)
Prompt: Write a letter to the author of this book. In your letter describe a part of this book that could have been better. In this letter, explain why you did not like this one part of the book. Be very clear so that the author will know exactly what you did not like about the book. For a bonus, tell the author what he or she can do to make this part better.

Dear Roald Dahl,

I did not like when the workers at Willy Wonka’s factory say mean things about the children. For example, when Violet “gum chewing girl” blew up and looked like a bluebarry. The workers roled her out of the room while calling her names and saying mean things about her.

Augustus (first golden ticket winner) was called “a nincompoop” when the workers were showing his parents when he’d gone up the tube.

If another kid looked at that part in the story, he or she might use it on other kids which would make them sad and angry which would make the kid that got hurt say it to another kid, and so on and so on.

To fix that part of the story I would suggest the workers saying nice things like “were sorry” or “it’s going to be oky” instead of saying mean things like “chewing, chewing all the while like a clock work crocodile”. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day.



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